It’s not worth me copying and pasting loads of details about today’s Covid update, other than to provide you with this link which will take directly to Sky News’s report. I am not an expert on virology but from what I can tell, the authorities who understand the data have come to the following conclusion: we don’t know how bad this Covid variant is going to be. Which is entirely reasonable since it’s only been doing the rounds for a matter of days. Hopefully, we can get some good news before Christmas or some bad news in which case we can get pissed and forget about it until the new year.

Anyway, the latest data is mixed. New cases are up – over 50,000 today – but deaths, just the 143, which is the equivalent of the number of people on a three-quarters full Boeing 737, are down. Better still, only 787 people were admitted to hospital today and as one of them wasn’t me, everything is fine, always assuming you don’t give a toss who dies as long as long it isn’t you. But I do.

My guess is that the majority of deaths and hospitalisations are the unvaccinated or those with underlying health conditions™ but it’s still a lot of people. Thank goodness we are anaesthetised to them otherwise we might be a bit more careful.

Having said that, I’m not being particularly careful because I’m going to a gig tomorrow night in a hot, sweaty Fleece in Bristol and despite being triple-jabbed, I still don’t want Covid, so no kissing with tongues with strangers. I can honestly say the Fleece is one of the last places I’d be going to if I wasn’t brimming with Pfizer.

Until we get the data – and someone intelligent is able to interpret it for me – my glass remains completely empty. Good news in the coming weeks and it may be half-empty. For me, that’s as good as it gets.