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Come on Torquay

There are plenty of videos circulating of hundreds of pissed up Hartlepool fans singing and dancing in Bristol’s Millennium Square tonight before tomorrow’s National League play off final at A***** G***. If they...

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In my time of dying

It’s been quite a week for two prominent campaigners for assisted suicide. Two of them have died. First, Noel Conway, who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and today we learn of the death of Paul Lamb, who was left...

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Stay hungry

I never quite know what to make of figures. As politicians prove every single day, you can ‘prove’ virtually anything by producing a number. But what to make of these figures, just published in the Guardian:...

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Ukip – the filthy dregs of society

I arrive home from an afternoon out to find two leaflets have been delivered on behalf of the UK Independence Party. Two hugely unwanted leaflets. Let us be clear about one thing: Ukip is filling the void left by the National...