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Category: Eclectic Blue

I may never work again

I’m not sure if I shall ever work again. Although some extra cash would come in handy, it’s not what motivates me. In fact, extra cash has never motivated me, which is probably just as well since I never had more...

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Wake up everybody

Question: What do you call a balding, overweight bully who attacks black women? Answer: Piers Morgan. Following his vicious attacks on Meghan Markle and Naomi Osaka, Morgan has decided to lay into the gymnast Simone Biles who...

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Too much ain’t enough

At the risk of being extremely controversial, I have to say I have mixed feelings about the threat of industrial action by some NHS workers in response to the government’s 3% pay offer. First, allow me to put into context...

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Covid notes

Not really a blog but here are some mask-wearing observations. I watched Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons. All Labour, SNP, Lib Dem MPs wore a mask. Barely 25%, if that, of Conservative MPs bothered. More...

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Job search

Having been a civil servant and a support worker for most of my working life, I’m not anything at the moment. I still want a little part time job, preferably doing something that improves people’s lives, without...

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