If you have perusing social networks today, you may have seen a picture of a woman trashing a London Ambulance Service response vehicle.. From what we can see, said vehicle was parked near a pub at around the time England were playing Sweden and this scantily clad woman is standing on the badly dented bonnet and the smashed windscreen. We are urged to assist the authorities in identifying her so she can face the consequences of her actions. And so she should, right?

Look closer and dig just slightly deeper on the internet and it quickly becomes clear that this young woman was far from being the sole culprit. And guess what? Most of the others involved in damaging this vehicle were men.

Far be it for me to suggest that sexism is at work here, but hang on: it is. A piss poor Gareth Southgate impersonator is shown on the vehicle at one time, an oriental-looking gentleman appears in other pictures with scores of drunken (white) men chanting “Jackie Chan” at him, even though he doesn’t look anything like Jackie Chan. How very amusing; drunken vandalism combined with casual racism. But I digress, sort of.

It is obvious why this young woman was selected for treatment by the social media jury: she is a young woman who is not wearing many clothes. She fits the bill for our hate, rather than a bunch of pissed cup male idiots. We can take out our anger on her. She should know better.

By all means seek to prosecute anyone who was responsible for what is clearly criminal damage but let’s not take it out on one woman. A lot of cretinous men were involved too, many of whom sang and chanted their support for vandalism towards a vehicle. They deserve our contempt too.

The very least these people should do is apologise and be forced to pay for repairs to this vital vehicle which is on the frontline of NHS healthcare and if it is proved that certain people were responsible then seek to prosecute them. All of them, not just one very stupid woman.