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Against all odds

As ever on holiday, I read a lot. And I read books that you might think I wouldn’t be reading. Last year, I read Rod Stewart’s autobiography. I wouldn’t go to a Rod gig if he was playing in my back garden but...

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Sun block

If you are a Sun reader, can I ask you why? 30 years on since they wilfully lied about the tragedy of Hillsborough, the ‘newspaper’ continues to make our world uglier and darker. For taste reasons, I shall not repeat...

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Maybe I’m Amazed

Mental health campaigner Matt Haig tweets this: “I am amazed at how many people measure progress around mental health attitudes on how many celebrities talk about panic attacks, rather than how long people have to be...

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Buy this book

I don’t read as much as I should and when I do read, my choice of book is perhaps not always the most profound. But this week, away on my holidays, I have read a book that has changed forever the way I think about...

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Work until you drop

Fair play to the transport workers of Paris for going on strike today, paralysing the metro system. The French government intends to reduce the value of their pensions and make them work longer for less. It’s a shame we...

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Ukip – the filthy dregs of society

I arrive home from an afternoon out to find two leaflets have been delivered on behalf of the UK Independence Party. Two hugely unwanted leaflets. Let us be clear about one thing: Ukip is filling the void left by the National...