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No app for me

The NHS COVID-19 tracing app is being launched this Thursday in England and Wales. In principle, I’m not opposed to a tracing app. On the contrary, I’m very much in favour of them. But not when they’re...

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You want it darker

“You’ve got to wonder whether we need to go further than the Rule of Six,” said Boris Johnson this afternoon when he was talking about the reintroduction of some lockdown measures starting next week. “We’re now...

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A night on the town

Having spent yesterday coughing and sneezing, I had come to the conclusion I was suffering from a coronavirus. And not any old coronavirus. This one, I self-diagnosed, was the one we most dread: man flu AKA the common cold....

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I know this much is true

Some of my best friends don’t do twitter. I do twitter because it fills my echo chamber and, generally speaking, I only read tweets from those who have a similar worldview to mine. Now and again, I travel beyond my echo...

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Ukip – the filthy dregs of society

I arrive home from an afternoon out to find two leaflets have been delivered on behalf of the UK Independence Party. Two hugely unwanted leaflets. Let us be clear about one thing: Ukip is filling the void left by the National...