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Tears in the Morning

‘When did you last cry?” That was one of the questions asked during last night’s Talk Radio/The Sun/Rupert Murdoch debate between the two woeful candidates who are standing as candidates to be in the list of...

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Simply the best (I can do)

My loyal reader will surely have had enough of self-pitying whingeing about my continued failure to secure a living as a writer. It continues to irk that people like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and the woman who used to be on the...

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Let’s work together

(Based on a tweet by Keith Burge) I take back all the criticism I had of the England cricket team having so many ‘overseas players’. Whilst I have never liked the qualification rules that enable people who...

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Eating a heart attack

Some people never learn, do I? A great afternoon in the sun at the Bristol Pride celebrations, a few beers under my belt and I’m starving. I pine for something guaranteed to fill a hole, something that always delivers....

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Answers on a postcard

I actually managed to play golf yesterday for the first time since last November. Golf, my loyal reader may recall, was one of the victims of my dismal mental health last winter. I lost all confidence in my ability to play at...

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Ukip – the filthy dregs of society

I arrive home from an afternoon out to find two leaflets have been delivered on behalf of the UK Independence Party. Two hugely unwanted leaflets. Let us be clear about one thing: Ukip is filling the void left by the National...