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Author: Rick Johansen

What a winker (misprint)

The first thing I thought when I was listening to Labour’s shadow chancer – sorry, chancellor – John McDonnell on the radio today offering free broadband to everyone was probably not what you were thinking....

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Vote for me

Hands up those of you who have been angered and disappointed by the actions of politicians following the flood disasters in the north of England? Not just Boris Johnson, who was pathetically slow when stumbling into inaction,...

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Gonna live forever

I read the news today, oh boy. I read the news in today’s Guardian that Liam Gallagher’s solo tour had kicked off. Out of interest, I searched a few sites to check out the setlist. And though the news was rather sad....

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Don’t Stop Moving

The latest You Gov poll revealed a few interesting statistics. One is that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has taken a 14% lead, putting it on 42%. Translating into actual votes, I’d imagine this would give...

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Ball of confusion

Last week, my loyal reader may have read my blogpost titled ‘Epiphany’, in which I tried to explain why my life turned out like it did. Fifty glorious years of mental ill health, a car crash of an education and then...

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