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Author: Rick Johansen

Album of the year, so far

Sometimes you hear a record so good you just know you will be playing it forever. Like Steely Dan’s perfect Aja, words really aren’t enough. I’ve got another one of those records and it’s by Bruce...

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40 trips around the sun

There was a time when I loved Bristol Rovers almost as much as I loved my wife. Mind you, I think I loved Bristol City more than I loved my first wife, but that’s another story. Rovers made me happy, they made me sad, they...

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We’re all right, Jack

A group of MPs has concluded that everyone will need to give up their motor cars in 2050 in order for Britain to meet its climate change targets. I’ll certainly be giving up mine on the near certain grounds that I’ll...

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Giving it all away

Only death saved Princess Diana from a major escalation of the hatred that was spewing from the media in the summer of 1997. “The people’s princess,” as Tony Blair memorably described her, was one of the most...

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