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When it disappears

Apologies to my millions of readers if this award-winning blog disappears from time to time. My technical team is working at it, whatever it is. If you want something to do whilst waiting for the site to come back on line, can I...

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My comfort zone

I’ve concluded that it’s the relative stability in my life that is keeping the Black Dog of depression on the leash. I’m working broadly the same hours and days every week – a critical component of my...

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Vegging out

I heard a joke on the radio today. Here it is: “Why did the vegan cross the road?” “To get to the other side to tell everyone they were a vegan!” Funny? Probably not that funny, but in a crummy phone-in...

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I am not surprised that the shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott – and just imagine her as the real home secretary: oh dear! – has complained about police officers knocking moped thieves/thugs off their bikes....

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Brain damage

One thing I never do on this blog is discuss my current employer. The views on here are mine and mine alone. But over the last 15 months or so, I have learned a great deal about brain injury. I think about that a lot every time...

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Broken Britain

Why can’t we just have done with this Brexit malarkey? I am almost literally sick to the back teeth of Brexit. ┬áCan’t the politicians just get on with it, stop this insane act of self-harm which will make us poorer...

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How do you think I feel?

People are always coming up to me (no, they aren’t really!) and asking me this: “You are quick enough to tell your loyal reader when your mental health is a shambles, but what is you like when it’s okay?”...

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