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Category: Eclectic Blue

2026 Deaths in 4702 Days

I’m a keen follower of the Animal Aid website Race Horse Death Watch. It was set up in 2007 after the annual carnage at the Cheltenham Festival. Since then there have been 2026 horse deaths in 4702 days. It is a statistic...

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Dreams fade away

Probably, the most ill-judged decision of very many ill-judged decisions I ever made was to become self-employed, when I decided to make a real go at this writing malarkey. The best part of six years later and success continues...

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Not this morning, thanks

Apropos of nothing, I found myself today in the same room as someone who was watching a television show called This Morning, presented by the silver-haired friend of Gordon the Gopher (one for the kids, there), Philip Schofield...

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The Big Question

If you would like to read the precise definition of the word stupid, allow me to share with you today’s mind-numbingly dull tweet from June Mummery, one of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party MEPs: Attending the penultimate...

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I’ve done a 180 on the skateboarders who gather daily in the area before the Cenotaph on Bristol City Centre. Built in 1932, ours was one of the last monuments built after the First World War. It’s beautiful and...

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Blue Monday

It’s cold, and dark, and we are skint after Christmas, and we have failed on our resolutions and we are tired. The third Monday in January is called Blue Monday. And quite rightly, too, because it is literally the most...

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The Royal Scam

Always look on the bright side of life. If only. Sadly, clinical depression doesn’t always allow that but I suppose things could be worse. For example, I could be Henry Windsor, the artist formerly known as Prince Harry,...

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Isn’t it a pity?

British brexiters living in Spain told Ch.4 News they felt remorse at their decision to vote Leave as they now face an uncertain future after Brexit. They only voted Brexit as they were worried about immigration back in the UK...

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