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Category: Eclectic Blue

Come on Torquay

There are plenty of videos circulating of hundreds of pissed up Hartlepool fans singing and dancing in Bristol’s Millennium Square tonight before tomorrow’s National League play off final at A***** G***. If they...

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In my time of dying

It’s been quite a week for two prominent campaigners for assisted suicide. Two of them have died. First, Noel Conway, who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and today we learn of the death of Paul Lamb, who was left...

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Stay hungry

I never quite know what to make of figures. As politicians prove every single day, you can ‘prove’ virtually anything by producing a number. But what to make of these figures, just published in the Guardian:...

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Dogs die in hot cars

The only certainty in hot weather is people virtue signalling on social media about dogs. You must have seen them. They go along the lines of, “Don’t make your dog walk on hot pavements” and “don’t...

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Paper free

My loyal reader will be aware that I no longer buy a newspaper. After a near lifetime of actual physical newspaper buying, I finally broke the habit about a month ago. I expected the withdrawal symptoms to be rather like when I...

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Opening up

On Monday 14th June, Boris Johnson will address the nation. He will praise the “great British public for all (their) sacrifices” adding “I know how difficult this has been for you all” and he may forget...

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Don’t call me

I have to tell you I am getting tired of taking calls from HMRC who keep telling me that there is an arrest warrant in my name for tax evasion. “Press one”, said the semi-disembowelled voice. So I did....

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