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Category: Eclectic Blue


Fair play to the Met Office for accurately predicting it was going to rain today here in Croatia. I wasn’t complaining too much because, you know, the gardens over here need it and because by the time we were ready to...

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Back to life (soon)

Bad news for my army of loyal reader: my non-awaited memoir of my life in Briz (for the uninitiated, Briz is a suburb on the east of Bristol) has been delayed. I was at the stage where I was ready to submit it to a proof-reader,...

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As a matter of fact

First, an apology to my loyal reader: sorry. I haven’t written anything since last Sunday because because because because. Oh I don’t know. This blog has been stumbling along since 2014 and I’ve never gone this...

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Don’t stop me now

An excellent tweet from Justin Lewis which gets me thinking: ‘Whenever I hear Don’t Stop Me Now these days, which is all the time because oldies radio, I think of @IrkthePurists’ observation that Freddie can’t be having...

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Not before time, the government is going to announce it wants to properly fund social care. It will, inevitably, involve tax rises which Al ‘You can call me Boris’ Johnson always said would never happen. But Johnson...

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And so farewell, CNN

Another big news event; another opportunity to watch CNN’s brilliant breaking news programmes, hosted by such great broadcasters as Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and a small army of reporters on whichever...

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