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Category: Eclectic Blue

When the war is over

One of my favourite songs ever is When The War Is Over. It was written by one of England’s great songwriters, Alan Hull, and performed by his band Lindisfarne. Click here to see the video, look below for the lyrics: When...

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Do what you’re told

One thing we need to bear in mind about the Covid-19 pandemic is that we are not all behaving like twats. We are not all panic-buying toilet rolls (I can’t get anymore in my freezer anyway), we are not driving off to take...

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Benefit scroungers?

My thoughts are with benefit claimants. All of them. 39 years of experience working for the DWP under its various names and guises has taught me that the vast majority of people who claim benefits would rather not be. There are...

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Benefit of the doubt

Credit where credit is due. I continue to be highly critical of the government in general and Boris Johnson in particular over the government’s actions during the Covid-19 crisis. Two months were wasted when we should have...

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Not going out

Unusually for me, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, trying to get my head around what the hell is going on in the world. Two weeks ago today, I was watching the telly seeing Liverpool go out of the Champions League...

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No names, no clues, here. A parent of someone we know was admitted to hospital earlier this week and they have now been diagnosed with Covid-19. The family is unable to visit the person and s/he is being cared for by our...

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The good old days

Remember back in the old days, when Liverpool contrived to lose 3-2 at home to Atletico Madrid and so exited the Champions League? Over 3000 people flew from Madrid to support their team, spending the day mingling and drinking...

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After midnight

Photo: Channel 4 News, 20 Mar 2020 It’s very obvious what is happening in our country right now. Here’s how I see it: All stages of the emergency Coronavirus Bill will be completed tonight. This will give the...

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