Even the most hard of Brexiters must be having doubts as to the wisdom of pulling up the drawbridge to Europe following the cowardly resignations of both David Davis and Boris Johnson. Two of the old white men who promised to bring untold wealth to Britain are the rats leaving a sinking ship. Victims of their own lies.

Davis resigned, I suspect, because he finally realised just how far out of his depth he is and Johnson quit because he was thinking about his career and not, for example, the case of the woman murdered near Salisbury. We should not be surprised by this.

May now finds herself weaker than she was before, which is really saying something. In recent months, she appears to have lost half her cabinet and, let’s be clear about this, she will soon lose many more. Davis and Johnson are, I suspect, the tip of a rather large iceberg and it can only be a matter of time before the disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox decides to spend more time with his friend Adam Werrity. The only thing that might change his mind is the airmiles he has been collecting whilst flying round the world achieving absolutely nothing.

In normal circumstances, I could not see how Theresa May could survive this, except that these are not remotely normal circumstances and the man leading the opposition is Jeremy Corbyn, a man ill-equipped to run a bath, never mind a political party with ambitions to assume office. Shut up about Iraq for one minute and imagine the leader of the opposition was Tony Blair or his brilliant predecessor John Smith. Or Boris Johnson’s shadow was Robin Cook. Or even David Miliband. You just know that May would be sunk. But as we know with Corbyn at last week’s PMQs, instead of destroying May at the dispatch box, he asked six questions about buses.

What happens next? More Tory Party warfare, as there is and always will be about Europe. David Cameron’s reckless gamble in holding the EU referendum in order to at last ditch the constant rows about Europe have had the exact opposite effect. The divisions are chasms now. They are, without question, irreparable. And it is the ordinary folk who will suffer.

The Tories argue among themselves whilst millions language on zero hour contracts and the minimum wage, whilst over a million people use food banks, whilst social care is in absolute crisis, whilst the NHS is in the midst of a funding crisis, whilst schools have had their funding slashed in real terms. This is not good enough.

Yet again, our people are lions led by donkeys. Millionaire politicians squabble among themselves as the country goes to the dogs.

When we leap off a cliff and the dire consequences for our country unfold, both leavers and remainers should remember who it was the took us here. Lying about just about everything including all that non-existent NHS money, migration, taking back control – Johnson and his pals deserve the biggest political kicking of their lives.

We’ve been had over, my friends. The millions who voted to leave Europe will get their wish but unless they actually desired the destruction of what’s left of our manufacturing industry, the end of freedom of movement which will dramatically affect the lives of our own citizens, especially although not only the young and falling living standards for a generation. Us remoaners will get what we warned about. No one will be happy. Except Boris Johnson.

The Tory Party, the most successful electoral machine in the history of the world, continues to destroy itself, as does the Labour Party, as it lurches inexorably to the distant far left and unelectability. We are going to hell in a handcart and let us never forget that the next PM, Boris Johnson, will be the man to lead us there.