Possibly the best thing I have read today is from twitter where the debate rumbles on about Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to call for a second referendum on Scottish independence/separation, whatever you want to call it. How could she possibly lose if the “in” campaign is led by Jeremy Corbyn and a Margaret Thatcher tribute act? Put in those terms, the SNP are on their way of the UK.

I can’t imagine why anyone is remotely surprised by Sturgeon’s decision, or its timing, which I would suggest was quite deliberate and aimed to coincide with Theresa May triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the latter having today been delayed a few weeks. Not a coincidence, that. A second, third, fourth or how ever many referendums it took was inevitable. Sturgeon’s nationalists are a one trick pony, as all nationalist parties are. Just like at Ukip. On the face of it, far more to the right than the SNP, but nationalists are nationalists and their aims are strikingly similar. And the result for both main English and Scottish nationalist parties was superb. Ukip in general and Nigel Farage in particular have achieved the incredible feat of leading the country out of the EU and the result of the referendum allows the SNP to call for the next referendum. Assuming you are not Scottish, wouldn’t you be tempted to vote to leave the UK?

I’d obviously like the Scots to stay in the UK but then the UK as a whole is staring down the barrel of permanent Conservative governments. It is in part because of the success of the SNP that Labour failed to get near the Tories at the last election, but Labour is now out of the game of winning for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future and not just in Scotland. What, the Scots might reasonably ask, is the point of them staying in a Tory country for ever?

The call for independence won’t end with Scotland. The Northern Irish voted remain too and who is to say they might seek to form a Northern Irish state as opposed to becoming part of Ireland? And what about Wales? Would they really want to stick around in a great Britain in which they would be minor bit part players in Westminster, if that? What happens then? The union unravels and suddenly we are little England in a world ravaged by rabid nationalism and instability.

I get the feeling that this country, maybe the whole world, really is going to hell in a handcart, with one major event after another rocking the equilibrium and with no one can stop it.

Sturgeon’s cynical opportunistic move today, and that’s what it is, does politics no favours at all and it merely adds to the instability that threatens to undo our country. Every day and in every way things just keep getting worse and there is not the slightest glimpse of some light at the end of the tunnel.