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I blame Corbyn

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I blame Corbyn

Well, that’s it. The fight is over. Theresa May, soft pro remain campaigner turned hard Brexiteer, has won. Parliament has effectively waved through authority for May to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. We’re on our way to a Ukip Brexit. I blame Jeremy Corbyn.

The sheer uselessness of Corbyn is impossible to exaggerate. The ill thought out policy positions, the lengthy absences from the public eye, the confusing contradictions, the sheer bleeding ineptitude. Tonight, Corbyn plumbed new depths.

His cult support group Momentum held a rally tonight in Parliament Square in support of those EU citizens who work in this country but now must wait in limbo until such time as Theresa May can come to a deal with the EU as to whether they can stay. Now those of us of a more liberal disposition argued long, hard and fruitlessly that Britain should make an immediate decision to allow EU workers who were already here to work the right to stay here and work. Not as some negotiating ploy, but because it was the right thing to do. But Corbyn’s position was absurd because he had already “whipped” his MPs to allow Theresa May’s hard Brexit, which guaranteed the rights of no one, to sail through parliament.

So there was a rally tonight at which Corbyn was scheduled as the main speaker, alongside – and this will come as no surprise to anyone – John McDonnell and, worse still, Diane Abbott. But get this: Corbyn failed to show and his audience, which was in places two deep (only about 100 people bothered to turn up), were left disappointed.

I am surprised at Corbyn failing to turn up since addressing a crowd of people who already agree with him is the only thing he seems to enjoy. He probably knows as well as anyone what a crap speaker he is, but amid all that adulation, he probably thinks he’s Aneurin Bevan. Perhaps one of the comrades who advises him saw the paltry numbers in attendance and persuaded the old boy to spend more time on his allotment. It might not have looked too good in the papers tomorrow.

The comrades have got it all wrong if they think that Old Corbo is somehow disliked for his policies. As we have stated often enough in the past, Corbyn holds positions, not policies. More than that, though, he is useless. Utterly hopeless, out of his depth, lacking in any leadership qualities whatsoever. He barely bothered to campaign in last year’s referendum, going on holiday as polling day neared. In reality, he was a closet – actually a not very closet – outer who, if all his previous comments are anything to go by, will have been thrilled by the referendum result. It was almost as if he conspired to take us out of the EU and he’ll have been celebrating ever since with various pots of home made jam.

And then, tonight, this Momentum rally to support the very people Corbyn’s grisly and unholy alliance with the Tory right has left more vulnerable than ever. Who was it who said that the extremes of left and right always have more in common than you might otherwise imagine?

Not only is Corbyn leading Labour to irrelevance and oblivion, he is aiding and abetting the people he is meant to oppose by supporting the Ukip Brexit and in so doing damaging the lives and conditions of working people. Some socialist.

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