The latest @YouGov poll for the Times makes surprisingly grisly reading for the Labour Party, although to be fair it was taken before Magic Grandpa’s Big Conference Speech which will only have made things worse. With Theresa May’s woeful government making an absolute hash of Brexit, with local authorities in despair as their funding is slashed, with police officer numbers through the floor, with the NHS so badly underfunded, with schools in terrible financial straits; here is the latest verdict of the British voters:

CON – 42% (+2)
LAB – 36% (-)
LIB DEM – 11% (-)
UKIP – 4% (-1)

Have we seen peak Corbyn?

I don’t know if we have. This could be a rogue poll, although it could be that that section of the electorate who – and I am sorry if this offends some people (actually I’m not sorry at all) – fell for the nonsense that the hard left takeover of Labour somehow represented “a new kind of politics”. As we have noted, Jeremy Corbyn actually represents a huge step towards the past; the Britain he sees is not dissimilar to the idyllic place Nigel Farage gets all dewy eyed about, one that never existed except in his dreams.

I wonder if the sheer nastiness of Old Labour has finally got through to people. Labour is now an anti-European, Jew-hating, terrorist-supporting cesspit of hatred with a ‘leadership’ that places far more emphasis on building a ‘social movement’ rather than winning an election and improving the lives of the people it purports to represent. It’s all about power for the Corbynistas, not what achieving power should be all about.

The low point of this week’s conference in Liverpool was the waving of hundreds of Palestine flags. Labour does not protest Assad’s half-million dead; Russian murders on UK soil; of the Rohinga, Yazidis, Uingar, Kurds, Congolese; Iran’s mass hanging of gays, nor girls stolen by Boko Haram. No. There is only one crime: the existence of a Jewish state. The pretence that Corbyn was somehow at the vanguard of free speech and peace has been ruthless exposed, even if it has not yet got through to his cult following that still sings “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” when the old boy walks onto the stage. Judging from the polls, most people worked him out years ago.

Much as I do support slogans like nationalising water (people talk of little else in my local), I am far more concerned at the crisis in social care, something that did not trouble the comrades in Liverpool who are far more fixed on deselecting non hard left MPs who do not bow at the altar of Magic Grandpa. Little or nothing about Putin and Assad, no apologies from Corbyn for taking money – and lots of it – from the gay-hangers of Iran or the KGB thugs behind Russia Today. For the many not the few, my arse.

I repeat that it is possible that this poll, giving the Tories a six point lead, is a one-off. For all we know, by next week the parties could be neck and neck again. In an ideal world, don’t know and don’t care would be miles ahead.

To put the tin hat on everything, Labour has now re-admitted the scourge of Liverpool, Militant’s Derek Hatton to the party. Whoever next? George Galloway? Ken Livingstone? Every other sixty/seventy year old fruitcake on the far left seems to be involved in the Corbyn ‘project’.

Am I angry about this? My politics comes from the mainstream left, although I readily admit I supported without qualification Tony Blair’s New Labour project that did so much to make this country more equal, fairer and content with itself. I should be livid. But I’m not. There is no point in me being angry because there is literally nothing I can do about it. The comrades now control every single aspect of Labour’s internal machinery and as they have shown with the far left take-over of the PCS union, the situation becomes irretrievable for mainstream activists and indeed mere members. The only snag with this is that Mark Serwotka and the comrades have, at the same time securing control of PCS, they have removed its credibility and influence and made it weaker than at any time since its formation. This, undoubtedly, is what will happen to Labour.

Corbyn, the Magic Grandpa, lacks the necessary skills and intellect for leadership. He is a lifelong protester who is happiest only when speaking with people who already agree with him. Unfortunately, significant chunks of the electorate, including many from the mainstream left and the vital centre ground, are discovering that they will not and cannot vote for a return to the disastrous Bennite political existence of the 1980s and that Labour as it is now constituted has none of the answers people need. How could it when it doesn’t even understand the questions?

Labour should be miles ahead in the polls but today it is 6% behind the worst prime minister in modern times. The posh boy millionaires who surround Corbyn will not give a toss about this because they can afford a lifetime of Tory governments and indeed they personally will probably do very nicely out of them. The working classes for whom the Labour Party was founded are just collateral damage along the way. People are not all singing “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”. They are thinking “No, Jeremy Corbyn”. And they’re right.