So it’s not just the red tops. Now all of the newspapers are referring to this character Jihadi John.

You’ve probably seen pictures of him, sickening, vile, barbaric pictures of him, beheading innocent people in the name of islamic fascism.

The nickname came about because he was part of a terrorist cell called the Beatles (Give Peace A Chance, anyone?) and it was the British press who came up with Jihadi bit because, wait for this, this evil thug is a self-proclaimed Jihadi and John was a name of one of the Beatles. Hilarious, eh? Well, not so hilarious, no, because this man has committed awful, grisly murders in front of the camera, killing innocents and wrecking the lives of their families and friends.

It’s pretty well known that the killer is actually Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary from London and his father, Abdel Abdul Bary, is an old pal of Osama Bin Laden. So that’s what we’ll hear in the unlikely event Bary ends up before the beak: it was his unhappy childhood what was to blame.

The media have much to answer for. Not only is the Jihadi John almost affectionate as nicknames go, his fellow islamist murderers are often referred to suicide bombers. Let’s deal with it here and now: these madmen (and women), seeking a place in Paradise with a broad choice of a shag, presumably, are really suicide murderers. There is no glory in what they do. There should be no martyrdom achieved by blowing yourself to smithereens, along with others who were merely going about their daily business. Yes, suicide is part of what they do, but they are murderers.

It’s no muslims who are the problem: it’s islam that’s the problem. It would be stretching things a bit to say that some of my best friends are muslims but over a long life I’ve met, worked with and briefly was good friends with one. Whilst I find all religious belief faintly ridiculous I respect the right of those to hold their own beliefs, provided it doesn’t interfere with my life. But of course this never works with religion where so many really do want to dictate to us how our lives should be led.

Bary is part of a terrorist group who want to spread their beliefs everywhere and they will behead anyone who stands in their way.

We’ve already had it in this country, with the obscene murder of Lee Rigby by two psychopathic islamic fanatics and so, with many ‘British’ men assisting ISIS with their terror campaign in Syria and Iraq, you can bet your mortgage on one or two of them returning ‘home’ and trying to carry out similar attacks.

I am not sure what we can do with the growth of islamism. We have to talk eventually and have to educate and my preferred education would include making this country a far more secular place where religion plays a far smaller part in public life and is not forced down the necks of children in ‘faith’ schools. We must stop pandering to people of all religions and put the argument that religion has its place within a secular society and not outside it. Free to believe? Yes. Free to proselytise? To fully matured adults, maybe, but not to the young who inevitably believe what their parents believe. (My father was an atheist but never really talked about it. He allowed me to make my mind up and that usually leads to atheism, which is why church/mosque/temple/synagogue folk like to catch ’em young.

I hope the secret services and special services catch Bary and bring him back to justice, not that there could ever be enough justice for someone like him. He’s the dregs of society and a quick bullet through the brain is far too good for him. Bring him back, if we can, try him and let himself serve the rest of his days in prison. All his victims have life sentences. Don’t let him get away with an easy exit. The paradise welcomed by fanatics almost certainly doesn’t exist and even if it did it would be a pretty unpleasant place with the likes of Bin Laden, Mohamed Atta chatting up the virgins.