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Category: Corfu 2014

The state we’re in

And finally… We now learn that the leader of the House of Commons, a slow-witted idiot called Andrea Leadsom, has tabled the Adjournment (Summer) motion to start the Commons recess four days earlier than anticipated. You...

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Back from my own personal MOT and the results were as I expected. Most of my bits are functioning well enough, but I do need to cut back on my consumption of sugar. “But”, I protested, “there is virtually no...

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A fussy eater writes

One thing I shall not miss when we return home next Monday is the Greek food. There is nothing wrong with it in terms of quality or preparation,it’s just me. My family happily experiments with all manner of sea food and...

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Driving in Corfu

Three days of driving across Corfu has certainly taken its toll. We took out our white Peugeot ‘something’ (I am not good on the detail of these matters) and have since travelled through great swathes of the island....

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A sun bed with my name on

Not that I am expecting sympathy, but we have so far seen more clouds than we have seen in the last decade’s holidays in Corfu. Far more clouds and our first proper rain in some time. I think the UK has nicked our weather....

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It’s a dirty life but…

A lovely, if tiring, walk to the Akrotiri Bar last night to enjoy a beer and bite to eat and of course Nikos Goudelis never lets you down. A late beer and an impromptu silent fireworks display to the north lit up the skies. By...

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The best day of the year

I have a very wise friend. His name is John. One of the wisest things he ever said to me was that the day you go on holiday is the best day of the year. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but he was, and remains,...

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