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The state we’re in

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And finally…

We now learn that the leader of the House of Commons, a slow-witted idiot called Andrea Leadsom, has tabled the Adjournment (Summer) motion to start the Commons recess four days earlier than anticipated. You know why? Because the government can’t govern. There’s more.

The Conservatives are desperately protecting Theresa May from potential rebellion, leadership challenges and have concluded the only way to deal with it is to award MPs four extra days holiday. The absolute state of this country.

Still reeling from Donald Trump’s chaotic visit, the government benches resembled a civil war tonight, with less than honourable members hurling abuse and insults at each other. Everyone has lost the plot.

It’s a combination of a few things. The scumbag lying politicians who sold Brexit as a simple, straightforward exercise which would instantly make us better off and save the NHS have been found out. And they’ve mostly buggered off. Having set fire to the country, Farage, Johnson and Davis have done a bunk and left it to other inadequates to try to sort out and they can’t. The truth is that the heroes of Brexit had no plan and have no plan beyond a hard Brexit and hope for the best. Then there is Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

My thoughts today surrounded what exactly it is that Putin has on Trump. Nothing else can explain Trump’s fawning, gushing treasonous words and actions. And why are they in it together? Well, they are both far right nationalists for one thing, just like Farage and co at home. And nationalists will oppose NATO and they will oppose the EU. They will oppose anything that they feel threatens their preferred journey towards nationalism. That is why Putin hates the EU, that’s why Trump hates it. And that’s why the hard Tory right lines up behind Trump.

I now firmly believe that something very horrible is happening with our politics, something we cannot control. In Britain, we are increasingly weak and divided as power drains away from our country. Our leaders – and I include all major parties in this – are out of their depth, devoid of vision. We are drifting to who knows where?

Something very horrible is happening and our leaders decide the only way to deal with it is to have a longer holiday. With May, she once again hopes and prays that she can govern by constantly kicking everything into the long grass. She could never get away with this forever.

I wish somehow we could united this country and also the world because I fear things are now about to get much worse before they get better. It isn’t just Brexit, or the Crimea. It’s Trump declaring war on Iran I worry about. It’s Putin poisoning British citizens on British soil. It’s fascists like Steve Bannon agitating in Europe to try to fill the European parliament with his fellow travellers. All this happening when millions are on poverty wages doing dead end jobs, getting poorer and poorer while the rich just do that they do and get even richer.

Today was the worst of days. In the weeks and months ahead, we may look upon days like this as the good old days. We’re in a lot of trouble. Remainer, leaver; you know that to be true.

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Back from my own personal MOT and the results were as I expected. Most of my bits are functioning well enough, but I do need to cut back on my consumption of sugar. “But”, I protested, “there is virtually no sugar in my diet.” “How about alcohol?” “Ah.”

I am not quite Cyril Smith in the excess weight department (and certainly not Cyril Smith in terms of my sexual proclivities), but there’s about a stone and a half that needs to go and, if I am being totally honest I know what’s causing it.

I was secretly hoping my GP would say something along the lines of this: “Your alcohol consumption is fine, but you really need to eat more chips, say at least three times a week, and plenty of cheese.” That she didn’t was a trifle disappointing, but I was not totally surprised.

I was surprised to learn that there are good kinds of fat and some of them are kinds of fat that I enjoy. Unsalted nuts, for example, and pumpkin seeds. I was not advised to gorge myself on handfuls of the things every day, but apparently they lower the Cholesterol in ways I didn’t quite understand. This is a better alternative than going on to yet more prescribed drugs.

So the lessons were simple: stop drinking so much, don’t eat anything that tastes remotely nice and take more exercise. To be honest, the first two won’t be that tricky. Cutting back on booze will be a pain, but no more than that. The exercise bit will be a bit of a nause, though. One of the last things I will do is join a ‘gym’ because the idea of what I regard as ‘pointless exercise’ appals me. All those people running on the spot, often at the same time waving their arms about, strikes me as hell on earth. And they pay for it, for god’s sake. Once you’re too old to seriously compete with others in team and individual sports, the idea of competing in old codger groups doesn’t really appeal, either. And I regard running/jogging/call it what you will as being right up there with pointless gym exercises.

It was, I suppose, my ‘wake up call’. I’m not 21 anymore and I long realised I am not indestructible.

As someone once said, you can give up smoking, drinking and sex. You might not live any longer but it will certainly feel like it.

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Corfu – the book?

2 Comments 09 September 2014

Well, that’s it: I’m doing it.

They say everyone has a book in them. I’m not sure about that but I have been persuaded, not that it takes much persuading, to visit to Corfu in the middle of winter and tell a different story about my favourite island. Continue Reading

Corfu 2014

A fussy eater writes

5 Comments 06 August 2014

One thing I shall not miss when we return home next Monday is the Greek food.

There is nothing wrong with it in terms of quality or preparation,it’s just me. Continue Reading

Corfu 2014

Driving in Corfu

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Three days of driving across Corfu has certainly taken its toll.

We took out our white Peugeot ‘something’ (I am not good on the detail of these matters) and have since travelled through great swathes of the island. Ermones, Glyfada, Doukades, Agni, San Spirodon, Kanoni and of course Corfu Town.

It was mostly a lot of fun, apart from driving on the wrong side of the road and avoiding pot holes the size of craters. Oh and avoiding the local drivers for whom the right side of the road is all of it. Continue Reading

Corfu 2014

A sun bed with my name on

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Not that I am expecting sympathy, but we have so far seen more clouds than we have seen in the last decade’s holidays in Corfu. Far more clouds and our first proper rain in some time. I think the UK has nicked our weather.

It’s not exactly freezing, mind you, but thankfully there’s no heatwave either. We have had those in the past, steaming unpleasant days as the temperature soars to 40c, but this year the thermometer is reaching and staying at a healthy 30c and sometimes less.

Today,I have chosen a little solitude as my family, along with another one, have decided to walk to the adjoining bay of San Stefanos to enjoy some water sports now that that Arillas no longer provides this facility. Whilst the exercise would probably be welcome, sometimes you just need a little space, or at least I do. I can relax with a little writing, a lot of reading (Simon Jordan’s Be careful for what you wish for being the current book of choice) and a substantial amount of slumbering in the sun, if this wind dies down a little!

The real fun begins tomorrow when we start three days of driving around Corfu.

Tomorrow, we are dropping the boys at Aqualand (a water park, in case you hadn’t guessed) and exploring new places and revisiting old ones. Sunday it will be the North East coast and the North and Monday a day of anorak behaviour at Kanoni, observing the planes land and take off from the air strip that lies across the middle of a lake.

I shall be doing the driving, not because my partner isn’t any good at it, but because it always seems to work out that way and we’re both happy with it.

I have a sun bed with my name on it and it’s time to pay it a visit. See you later.

Corfu 2014

It’s a dirty life but…

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A lovely, if tiring, walk to the Akrotiri Bar last night to enjoy a beer and bite to eat and of course Nikos Goudelis never lets you down.

A late beer and an impromptu silent fireworks display to the north lit up the skies. By the early hours, it was nothing like silent as the heavens opened in a series of flashes and explosions. But there is little evidence of the storm this morning (apart from on the sun bed which gave me a very wet bum as I unknowingly sat on it).

It feels much hotter today but the weather sites say it isn’t – a steady 27/28c – with barely a cloud in the sky and only a gentle warm breeze.

This is a very simple holiday really. Not a great deal in the way of culture which suits me down to the ground as I am far from being a culture vulture.

We have made tentative plans for the weekend to hire a car and tour the island. Visits to Corfu Town, Kanoni, drop the boys off at Aqualand and just drive off some place together for a few hours and of course the small resort of Agni with the wonderful Nikolas Taverna.

Although we are only about 1000 miles from home, we might as well be a million miles from home. I am, of course, more than slightly aware of the world’s problems but it’s quite easy to shut them out completely.

I couldn’t live here in Corfu, despite it’s sheer beauty and its unique ability to de-stress me, because the life of the tourist is slightly unreal. The day to day drudgery of work, something I have not endured for a few months now, doesn’t appeal and I’d rather be here, but not for always.

I’m finishing off my first holiday read today, Graham Nash’s ‘Wild Tales’, an astonishing tale of excess and genius with tragedy thrown in. And reading is something I really should do more of.

Anyway, lunchtime now and then more pool time. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Corfu 2014

I’ve blessed the rains in Africa, apparently

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Obviously, I knew I was in Greece when I got off the aircraft in the early hours of yesterday morning but it was brought home to me even more so this morning when we visited the local mini-market.

As well as holiday essentials – bread, beer, tonic – the shop is also packed with some real goodies such as calendars, various types of pottery and, yes, you guessed it, TDK Cassette tapes. I mean, who hasn’t unpacked their suitcases to find they’d only forgotten to bring blank cassette tapes? Continue Reading

Corfu 2014

The best day of the year

1 Comment 27 July 2014

I have a very wise friend. His name is John. One of the wisest things he ever said to me was that the day you go on holiday is the best day of the year. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but he was, and remains, right. Continue Reading

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