Not that I am expecting sympathy, but we have so far seen more clouds than we have seen in the last decade’s holidays in Corfu. Far more clouds and our first proper rain in some time. I think the UK has nicked our weather.

It’s not exactly freezing, mind you, but thankfully there’s no heatwave either. We have had those in the past, steaming unpleasant days as the temperature soars to 40c, but this year the thermometer is reaching and staying at a healthy 30c and sometimes less.

Today,I have chosen a little solitude as my family, along with another one, have decided to walk to the adjoining bay of San Stefanos to enjoy some water sports now that that Arillas no longer provides this facility. Whilst the exercise would probably be welcome, sometimes you just need a little space, or at least I do. I can relax with a little writing, a lot of reading (Simon Jordan’s Be careful for what you wish for being the current book of choice) and a substantial amount of slumbering in the sun, if this wind dies down a little!

The real fun begins tomorrow when we start three days of driving around Corfu.

Tomorrow, we are dropping the boys at Aqualand (a water park, in case you hadn’t guessed) and exploring new places and revisiting old ones. Sunday it will be the North East coast and the North and Monday a day of anorak behaviour at Kanoni, observing the planes land and take off from the air strip that lies across the middle of a lake.

I shall be doing the driving, not because my partner isn’t any good at it, but because it always seems to work out that way and we’re both happy with it.

I have a sun bed with my name on it and it’s time to pay it a visit. See you later.