A lovely, if tiring, walk to the Akrotiri Bar last night to enjoy a beer and bite to eat and of course Nikos Goudelis never lets you down.

A late beer and an impromptu silent fireworks display to the north lit up the skies. By the early hours, it was nothing like silent as the heavens opened in a series of flashes and explosions. But there is little evidence of the storm this morning (apart from on the sun bed which gave me a very wet bum as I unknowingly sat on it).

It feels much hotter today but the weather sites say it isn’t – a steady 27/28c – with barely a cloud in the sky and only a gentle warm breeze.

This is a very simple holiday really. Not a great deal in the way of culture which suits me down to the ground as I am far from being a culture vulture.

We have made tentative plans for the weekend to hire a car and tour the island. Visits to Corfu Town, Kanoni, drop the boys off at Aqualand and just drive off some place together for a few hours and of course the small resort of Agni with the wonderful Nikolas Taverna.

Although we are only about 1000 miles from home, we might as well be a million miles from home. I am, of course, more than slightly aware of the world’s problems but it’s quite easy to shut them out completely.

I couldn’t live here in Corfu, despite it’s sheer beauty and its unique ability to de-stress me, because the life of the tourist is slightly unreal. The day to day drudgery of work, something I have not endured for a few months now, doesn’t appeal and I’d rather be here, but not for always.

I’m finishing off my first holiday read today, Graham Nash’s ‘Wild Tales’, an astonishing tale of excess and genius with tragedy thrown in. And reading is something I really should do more of.

Anyway, lunchtime now and then more pool time. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.