There are plenty of videos circulating of hundreds of pissed up Hartlepool fans singing and dancing in Bristol’s Millennium Square tonight before tomorrow’s National League play off final at A***** G***. If they hadn’t recently elected a Tory MP at a recent by-election, I might have more sympathy but how come hundreds of pissed up Hartlepool fans can sing and dance today but no more than 30 people can attend a wedding, funeral or wake?

I’m firmly in the camp that says we should be opening pretty well everything up now so I don’t blame the Hartlepool fans too much for having a good time, although I won’t forgive them for their voting choices. If my team was in a play off final, I’d be on the lash, too, albeit not joining the lesser educated who appear to be consuming Strongbow. But technically speaking, if 31 people turned up today at a funeral, Inspector Knacker might turn up with sirens blaring.

One other thing. Millennium was a bit of shit tip earlier on with empty cans, bottles and crap dumped by the Hartlepool fans. Let’s hope they picked it all up before they went elsewhere spreading the virus.

Come on, Torquay.