If I don’t catch Covid after last night, I wonder if I ever will. A packed Fleece to see the brilliant T Rextacy convinced me that if one person in the room had Covid at the start of the evening, the rest of us would certainly have been infected by the time we left.  Yet again today, a negative lateral flow test. As Donald Trump said, “Maybe I’m immune?”

I’m still thinking Covid whenever I’m in a crowded place, whether that’s a shopping mall, a pub, a kick and clap match or a concert venue. I’m clearly not avoiding these places – life and death must go on – but if I’m immune to Covid (unlikely), then I am not immune to being concerned about it.

Society is now back to normal in the most abnormal of circumstances. We’ve still got a killer virus doing the rounds and we’re all getting on with stuff. My guess today is that Boris Johnson will allow Christmas to go ahead as normal and in the New Year we will be in deep shit again with ramped up restrictions and even lockdowns.

Will this virus ever go away? Spoiler alert: no.