If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s whataboutery. You know the sort of thing. I say that Magic Grandpa Jeremy Corbyn behaves disgracefully by supporting terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA and then someone says, “Ah yes, but what about Jack Straw when as foreign secretary he went to went to Yasser Arafat’s funeral in 2004 and the British government actually negotiated with some seriously unpleasant people, including the IRA”, so why pick on the Absolute Boy?” What about it? I was talking about Corbyn not Jack Straw. Whataboutery often, usually, means trying to change the subject. I’m not buying it.

Corbyn appears to be very unlucky. Seemingly everywhere he goes, he seems to bump into a violent terrorist, a holocaust denier or some ghastly foreign dictator. I’d feel sorry if I didn’t know that actually Corbyn wasn’t there by accident. He acts as if he is some kind of man of peace. “We need to talk to people we might disagree with in order to establish peace,” he says. Well, yes, but on who’s behalf, Mr Corbyn?

The old boy has always been seen with unpleasant people but he appears to speak only to people on one side of the conflict. In Ireland, he spoke with the IRA, in the Middle East, he spoke with everyone from the PLO to Hamas to Hezbollah, referring to them as “friends”. Some friends. He then says he does actually speak with the “other side”, like the Northern Ireland unionists and Israel. Okay, then: name names and places, otherwise I suggest that Labour’s accidental leader is guilty of fake news. And this is not whataboutery: this is about accountability and honesty. He is, after all, aspiring to be our prime minister.

My view of Corbyn is very simple. He is out of his depth as leader, he has never had an original idea in his life, he represents the same failed slogans and rhetoric from the disastrous Tony Benn era in the 1980s and he doesn’t want want negotiated solutions to problems. He wants one side to win.

Labour’s chaotic, ever changing explanations for Corbyn’s wreath-laying in Tunis confirms only one thing: he mourns terrorists, not victims. Why, instead, did he never commemorate the torture, including castrations, and murder of Jews at the Munich Olympics? (See main picture.) Why did he never lay wreaths for them? You don’t need me to tell you the answer because you know it, even if you are part of his ludicrous cult following.

No distractions needed, no more whataboutery. Corbyn is not the sweet old campaigner for peace and justice his propagandists like Owen Jones claim. He’s a wrong ‘un.