It did not take much for me to conclude that I would not be participating in this year’s Black Friday retail event. Actually, that’s not true. It took nothing. It’s a total scam, a marketing gimmick, it’s nothing but hype, retailers think you are stupid. Maybe you are

Many of these so called bargains aren’t bargains at all. The Behemoth internet trader Amazon offers amazing bargains which have in many instances been sold at far cheaper prices throughout the year. If you had paid attention until waiting until today, you might have saved even more money.

I am wasting my words, though, because in two days time the shops will be bursting as people fight –  sometimes literally – to try and save a tenner on a 50″ screen television. People love a bargain, even if there isn’t one, and so many can’t resist beating some other bugger to the front of the queue.”Look at me: I’m greedier than you.”

My advice, pure and simple, is don’t bother. Black Friday isn’t big and it isn’t clever. It isn’t real, either. Navigating your way around the internet will certainly bring you as many bargains, if not more, than the so called bargains in the ram-packed stores in which many of you will be wasting your time. Meanwhile, I shall be in the pub. Cheers.