One of the very odd things I see on social networks is when people feel the need to publicly remind their significant other halves how much they love them. My partner (I hate the word ‘wife’. which sounds as if she is some form of appendage) and I have been together for over 29 years and we are secure in our feelings for each other. God knows we tell each other often enough. Isn’t that enough?

The need, or perhaps desire, to tell the world about something I regard as private to us is nothing new. In the days when people bought newspapers, there were countless entries confirming a couple’s undying love. And it still exists in analogue, by way of radio stations, on ghastly radio shows like Steve Wright in the Afternoon and worse still his Sunday Morning Love Songs or the daily love song, the one giant blot on Ken Bruce’s otherwise excellent mid morning show on Radio 2. Do you really ask for a DJ to play Charles Aznavour to confirm to your partner you love them? Shouldn’t they know this already?

It could be that there are a wide variety of reasons why people need to tell the world about their love for their partners and even their children. It could be in the case of the latter that social networks are the only way of reminding their offspring of their undying love and it could be insecurity. It could just be that people like to say “I love you” in public in what is a socially conservative country.

29 years tells its own story for me. No gushing Facebook post can improve on that.