I arrive home from an afternoon out to find two leaflets have been delivered on behalf of the UK Independence Party. Two hugely unwanted leaflets.

Let us be clear about one thing: Ukip is filling the void left by the National Front and the BNP. They are the filthy, dirty right wing dregs of society.

If Ukip had existed in the early 1900s, I would not be here at all (no bad thing I hear you say). My Norwegian grandfather, an economic migrant who worked until he was well into his seventies, would never have been allowed into the country under the likes of Farage and neither would my Dutch mother, who came to Britain in the 1950s, always worked hard and never claimed a penny in benefits. The racists, bigots and xenophobes of Ukip would have opposed their entry into the UK.

Extreme right parties like Ukip always come to the fore in difficult times, offering so-called easy solutions to difficult problems. They represent the politics of fear and the politics of hate. They pretend to be anti-establishment but in reality they are the establishment they despise.

Ukip are liars too. Local Ukip parliamentary and council candidates Louis Crawley, Maurice Dangerfield and Ben Walker repeat the dirty black Tory lie – lie, remember that word – that Labour left this country in a mess. That makes them liars too. They lie about so called “health tourism”, implying that there is a vast community of foreigners whose raison d’être (sorry to use a French term, Ukippers) is to merely want to come here and use our NHS. There isn’t. They want to put ex service personnel at the top of every council waiting list (why?) and employ them as civil servants or police officers. And they want to slash “foreign aid spending”, presumably to allow the desperate people of Nepal to die under the rubble of a terrible earthquake and forget all about the Gurkhas who fought and died for this country. Nice.

At the foot of the one of the leaflets, the question is “need help?” Well, yes, the angry bigots of the political right need help as soon as possible. They offer hate not hope, they offer no solutions and they are of no more use to our society than any number of the 57 varieties of fascism that have crashed and burned in this country since Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists supported Hitler.