As the old saying doesn’t go, this is my website and I can say what I like and write what I like. And there is only one thing to write about today: Ben Hiscox’s tribute match between Bristol Manor Farm and Stoke Gifford United.

I may have mentioned it before but the details are as follows:

VENUE: The Creek, Portway, Bristol BS9 2HS
KICK OFF: 1.00 pm
BAR: Of course
FOOD: Fast and lots of it
BAR: Have I mentioned the bar?

For those of you who have not been to the home of Bristol Manor Farm, you have to approach the ground from outbound direction. Either come down the Portway from town, or navigate through Sea Mills, joining the Portway by Sea Mills Railway Station.

I can reveal that there will not be a single idiot left in the village of Stoke Gifford the afternoon and if that’s not a reason for attending, I don’t know what is!

Away from the flippancy, there are dual purposes for today’s game: firstly to pay tribute to the legend that is Ben Hiscox and secondly to raise much-needed funds for the family. I’d say there’s a third reason as well and that is to show solidarity with, and support for, the family. Let’s show them that, unlike the empty slogans of politicians, we really are in this together.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.