On the second anniversary of our catastrophic decision to leave Europe, the hard left and hard right who, let’s face it are close allies in this whole fiasco, stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight for the most damaging Brexit possible. Today, their unhinged make-things-up-on-the-back-of-a-fag-packet policy has reached new depths of lunacy. Just look what they are saying about the decision of Airbus to remove its entire division from the UK if we go about a no deal Brexit. They want to nationalise it.

This astonishing ‘solution’ to the loss of 14,000 high value jobs and over 100,000 more in the supply chain represents the politics of the mad house. It sounds a nice idea to nationalise Airbus but what effect will this have? For one thing, Airbus UK makes the wings and other European countries make the rest of the aircraft. Taxpayers’ money is used to carry on making wings for who and what, exactly? Has it not occurred to these towering intellects that Airbus will simply move wing-making out of the UK and our government will build a lot of wings, presumably to sell to all these countries with whom the disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox will be doing all these trade deals. Imagine him arriving in, say, Australia, trying to flog aircraft wings. That will go down well.

Finally, Project Reality is beginning to hit home. All those promises that Brexit would be the easiest thing to achieve ever, that the NHS would get a Brexit bonus, that we would ‘take back control’ – all rubbish. Instead, the UK is losing control. All those companies brought here from Japan and elsewhere on favourable terms so they could then trade within the EU are, if they are not going to enjoy continued free trade, going to relocate to the European mainland. Whilst David Cameron and George Osborne’s ‘remain’ campaign was a shocker in terms of negativity, reality is beginning to dawn. The scare tactics employed failed to convince enough people to remain but it doesn’t mean that all the predicted damage wouldn’t come true. It is coming true in the here and now.

We were lied to. We were lied to by likes of Boris Johnson and the Tory right, we were lied to by the far right nationalists like Farage and Banks with their shady links to Putin and Trump, we were lied to by Corbyn and the far left who still believe in Tony Benn’s vacuous slogans and empty rhetoric from the 1970s. And of course we were lied to by the media who convinced enough people that Britain’s problems were all down to foreigners.

The reaction to the decision of Airbus to get out if there is no deal is clearly not a bluff. But you must remember that the total destruction of what’s left of our manufacturing base is, in the eyes of the wide-eyed crazies of Brexit, a price worth paying. The hard right want to torch the state and to stop these wretched foreigners coming here, the hard left want to build pure socialism in one country. It really is that black and white. It is a con, a scam of industrial proportions and if you think the country is divided now, just wait until we leap off a cliff. The nationalists of the far left and right just can’t wait.