The video of the barbaric murder of Steven Sotloff is easy enough to find on the internet.

To their credit, the major networks aren’t showing it but there are plenty of smaller groups who are.

I don’t recommend watching it, even though you don’t actually get to see the moment when the beheading takes place. I stopped watching when the picture faded to black because I knew that when it returned there would be a dead body with a severed head placed on top. And lots of blood.

Some British newspapers let themselves down by their reporting today with the Mail (no surprise here), the Star and the Mirror (big disappointing surprise) referring to ‘Jihadi John’, an almost affectionate nickname for a bloodthirsty islamic fascist who, it appears, has viciously murdered two innocent men and, in the video, names a third man, a British man, who is next in line.

I have listened to phone-ins, heard the thoughts of ‘experts’ and listened to the musings of politicians and have concluded they have no more idea as to what to do as the great British public. And why should they know more? David Cameron, for all his plus points (whatever they are) is a career politician who had one job outside of politics as an executive for a TV company which later went bust. Nick Clegg was a lobbyist for Libya before politics and Ed Miliband has done nothing except politics. They are no more likely than us to come up with solutions at COBRA meetings. Politicians will choose from strategies which are presented to them.

Today I have heard that we should send in troops, send in special forces, bomb (insert a wide variety of places) and of course do nothing. I have become so confused that some seem to want to do all these things at once. Or maybe it was none?

My old mum, rest her soul, told me when I was a young child that the middle east would be where the third world war will begin. She was no great political strategist, didn’t really do politics at all, but, goodness, she was right about that.

Last year, I read a book called Invasion by a little known author called D C Alden. As the title suggests, the story is about the islamic invasion of Europe, not too far into the future. I don’t normally read fiction but reading this book didn’t feel like fiction at all. Every page seemed more real than the one before until the UK became part of a giant islamic state stretching from the Urals to all of Western Europe. It changed my mind about the future and convinced me that the islamification of the world was more than just a slight possibility. Nothing that is happening in Iraq, Syria and in countless other places in the middle east suggests Alden got it wrong.

The fight must begin at home. In Britain, the experiment of multiculturalism has failed as communities drift still further apart and whilst we preach diversity we promote division. Separate schools for different religions adds to the division but hardly anyone bats an eyelid for so long as their children get into ‘good schools’, whether they are good catholic, christian, sikh or muslim schools.

For too long we have buried our heads in the sand whilst ‘communities’ disfigure the genitals of small children and allow women to be treated as grossly inferior; we have not so much tolerated separation, we have encouraged it.

Not everyone could and should be the same but there must surely be a set of rules by which we all live. We have embraced the evolution of our culture, enhanced and improved by the changing society in which we live. But that evolution should be within our overall culture, not separated from it.

Does anyone want a world run by the fascists of islamic state or even to live on the same planet as these barbarians?

Like Cameron and Obama, I don’t have the first clue as to what to do about the ensuing chaos. The genie is out of the bottle, down at least in part to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and it will not go back in.

But first, change begins at home.

I believe in a secular society where there is no religious privilege. The devout can pray in freedom and in peace but they are treated in exactly the same way as the rest of us.

That’s a start but where it will end we can only guess.

The sub editors of the red tops are probably patting themselves for coming up with the ‘Jihadi John’ nickname for this vile, cowardly individual. But if we carry on like this, there will be hundreds more like him and D C Alden’s work of fiction will become ever more real.