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The slow death or Boris Johnson’s career.

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It is usually very sad to relate the news that someone has died. We can dress it however we like to dull the pain. Passed on, left us – it’s all the same thing. However, I am delighted to announce – I hope – the death of Boris Johnson’s career.

Johnson announced that he would “lie down in front of the bulldozers” to prevent Heathrow expansion. Wow, we all thought. Here’s a politician of principle, a man of honour. All right, forget for one moment his record of dishonesty, his Trump-like narcissism, his ruthless ambition, his creation of the bumbling Boris illusion. At least we could trust him on this one, right? Er…no.

The Tory government decided to back the third runway and Johnson had a choice. He could either support the government or resign. But not Johnson. He chose a third way: he ran away and hid.

It is believed that Johnson had intended to be in Luxembourg today to avoid having to vote. His advisors recommended against it on the not unreasonable grounds that Johnson would have plenty of time to get back to go through the lobbies. Instead, he went to Afghanistan.

If people still like Johnson after this, well, good luck to them. They must also like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Nigel Farage and every other politician to whom the truth is anathema.

Johnson the joke wore off years ago. It was all an act, a cover for his more naked ambition; someone who said all along that the EU was best for Britain but when he glimpsed the opportunity of power, he backed leave. Whether or not you support leaving Europe or not, I do not see how you can support Johnson.

If this doesn’t hasten the death of his career, then nothing will. And voters who always say they are fed up with the lying antics of politicians and then vote for him will deserve all they get.

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