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The killing fields of Kent

1 Comment 24 March 2017

The killing fields of Kent

Looking at the carcass of the weak and cowardly murderer Khalid Masood, it is hard to be feel anything but hatred and loathing for this subhuman piece of excrement. It was not hard to imagine the likely reaction of some of the more trigger-happy inhabitants of cyberspace. “Repatriate his family, send them back where they came from” went the argument, presumably meaning somewhere like Pakistan, given his name. You just knew he wouldn’t have a common or garden name British name. It would be different if he did, wouldn’t it?

Now we learn that Khalid Masood was really Adrian Elms, or Adrian Russell Ajao (he had lots of names), born in Kent, not Islamabad. More than that, he was born into an Afro-Caribbean Christian family. He was probably more English than me. The arguments about repatriation look a little more tricky now. Elms, it is now being suggested, was a former school teacher and, incredibly given the physical condition of this bald, flabby loser, he was a body builder. What was he building it with? Pies? Cakes?

Real hard facts are emerging slowly right now. More will drip out in the coming days, weeks and months as detectives piece together this man’s ultimately pitiful life, but we know now that he does not fit in with the image of a stereotypical islamic fascist terrorist, but an islamic fascist terrorist he was.

I was not surprised to read that so called islamic state immediately claimed responsibility for the sick acts of Elms but really they should have claimed irresponsibility. The sum total of their so called achievements are to kill and maim innocent people and, more importantly, to unite the country and indeed much of the world against everything these people stand for.

Was Elms really inspired by ISIS because if that’s true he was in need to mental health care far more than I am? How on earth could anyone be inspired by a bunch of raping, beheading psychopaths? What would you set that as the height of your ambitions? What goes through the mind of someone who deliberately, consciously sets out to drive a powerful car at innocent people and then kills an unarmed police officer? Call it brainwashing, call it radicalisation, call it anything you like but to me it represents a serious form of madness. Brainwashed and radicalised in the terrorist heartlands of Dartford.

No one, surely, is calling for border controls to be set around Kent to stop potential islamic killers travelling around the country – although I suspect Nigel Farage will be on the telly soon saying just that – so where do we go and what do we do now? Let’s go to the music collection and retrieve my broken record.

If we are going to address religious extremism, we need to address religious privilege and change to a society in which everyone is equal and that the same laws, the ones made in parliament, apply to everyone. No “faith” schools, the humane slaughter of animals with no exceptions, no unwanted praying nurses, freedom to offend and to be offended, no book-burning or fatwas and so on. One people, one society, everyone free to believe in the God they choose but within the framework of a secular society.

As an atheist, my sadness is that there will not be a hell for Adrian Elms (or whatever his name is) to go to. This is tempered by the fact that his bullet-riddled flab will not be greeted by 75 virgins in paradise and will be left to rot as truly befits this horrible man who, ironically, did far more to unite this country than divide it.

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1 comment

  1. Dave says:

    Excellent post which highlights the fanaticism of the racists and the islamo fascists.

    Two sides of the same coin

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