For the first time in my life, I was in a position today where I could not avoid the Jeremy Kyle show. The programme was on in the place where I happened to be. To say I was shocked by what I saw is a massive understatement.

I have understood for a good while the gist of the Kyle show, without ever having seen it. It’s about abusing and exploiting weak, vulnerable and not very bright people in the name of entertainment. I was not concentrating too hard on the show today but I did observe that the story was about a man who had made his smackhead son homeless. Kyle interviewed the tearful father and ranted and raved at the dishevelled, disoriented son. Then he spoke with the tearful mother and then ranted and raved at the son’s smackhead girlfriend. The upshot was that both smackheads were carted off for rehab and that was it. I can’t help but thinking this could have better been carried out in private.

Kyle’s behaviour was very odd. His accent changed from the posh private schoolboy that he is to a bizarre Jamie Oliver fake mockney. He was the tough guy, the man with the power. He was, in his dreams, the toughest guy in the room. Put simply, he was an absolute prick.

Whilst I had an idea what was coming, I still couldn’t believe what came. The host seemed as demented as most of the dysfunctional contestants, or rather victims and the audience looked as if they might have shipped as many Class A drugs as the so called stars of the show.

It was voyeurism, pure and simple, and some of the worst television I have ever seen. It was cruel, it was bullying, it was abusive, it was unpleasant; it was not entertainment.

I assume millions of people watch this dross each and every day so we know for sure we have a generation with too much time on its hands. If you find me joining them, then kill me.