Yes, it’s that time I have been waiting for all week. Just a shame that no one else has been. Live from my Man Cave, it’s time to let the iPod do its shuffling and see what comes up.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

1. Beauty in your Eyes by Deep Forest. Less influences from the jungle on this track from the Music Detected record than usual, but still absolute quality from the French electronica/world music duo.

2. Bourgeous by Phoenix. The second tune hails from France too as the excellent Parisian popular beat combo outfit give us this gem from their Bankrupt! record.

3. Branches by Midlake. How do you describe this band? Psychedelic folk, maybe? Gotta love The Trials of Van Occupanther from whence this tune hails.

4. Arnold Layne by the Wondermints. From the Wonderful World of the Wondermints, I like this more than Floyd’s original (but then I would say that).

5. I’ll Find My Way Home by Jon and Vangelis. Lush combination between Jon ‘Voice of an Angel’ Anderson and Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou, AKA Vangelis.

6. Title Music from a Clockwork Orange by Walter (later Wendy) Carlos. I can almost see those Droogs arriving.

7. Cafe del Mar (Three’n’One mix) by Energy 52. A bit of Friday afternoon Trance, here.

8. All That You Dream by Little Feat. Their Waiting for Columbus album is one of the finest live albums ever and this is mint.

9. The Strain by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band. Guess what this tune is all about:

“Hey, hey, human gonna do The Strain
I’m gonna grip the seat I’m gonna pull your chain
Barbed-wire bum baby, be like me
We’re gonna do the strain on the lavatory.”

10. Satan’s Jewel Crown by Emmylou Harris. Elite Hotel is my favourite country record and this is why.

That’s all, folks!