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Not the Beatles

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Not the Beatles

You must be familiar with Alexanda Kotey, Aine Davis, Mohammed Emwazi and El Shafee Elsheikh. Of course, you are. They are the Fab Four, the band who made Revolver, Rubber Soul and Sgt Pepper. They wrote the best pop music of all time. They sang that all you need is love. One of their number begged that we give peace a chance and when wishing us a happy Christmas, declaring war was over. Yes, the Beatles. Except that they are only called the Beatles by the media.

The ‘Beatles’ named above are no such thing. They are evil, psychotic fascists who have beheaded and tortured countless innocent people on behalf of the islamic fascists known as ISIS. Yesterday, it was announced that the last two surviving terrorists, Kotey and Elsheikh, had been captured by Syrian kurds and the media bandwagon resumed.

Virtually every report on the BBC, and elsewhere, refers to the Beatles. These scumbags were nicknamed the Beatles because of their English accents. They were known as, they were dubbed, the Beatles. Emwazi, now happily dead, was nicknamed Jihadi John after John Lennon. You know, the John Lennon who wrote Imagine. If this is good journalism, I am a banana.

I can honestly say that I have never, once, come across a normal person who has referred to these murderers in kindly terms. In my experience, they are universally loathed. They are not regarded by anyone as some kind of heroes, no one in the real world, away from the media bubble has ever called them the Beatles. Some of us – me included – find the term extremely offensive.

They could only refer to Emwazi by an affectionate nickname, Jihadi John – and that’s what it is, media people – because the real John, who wrote In My Life, was murdered. Can you imagine if he was still alive and found he was being compared with a throat slitting lunatic? I suspect he would not be amused.

It’s the trivialisation of something very serious. There is nothing remotely funny about the sheer evil of the behaviour of this terrorists. Only in the eyes of a lazy media will you find people who think a funny nickname is acceptable. It’s at times like this when I wish there was a hell for the likes of Emwazi to go to.

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