It’s that time of the week you aren’t waiting for. That time when I crank up the elderly and obsolete iPod to randomly shuffle and post the results for a world that isn’t waiting.

Yes, it’s time to rock.

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.

1. White Light by Gorillaz. Wonderful stuff from their 2005 long player Demon Days.

2. She’s Got A Way (Live) by Billy Joel. The old boy was once a great songsmith. What a shame he doesn’t make new music anymore because this is wonderful.

3. Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap! Old school dance music from…er…1992.

4. Shallow by Ryan Adams. Some cracking 12 bar from young Ryan from his blistering Rock N Roll album.

5. To Be In Love by Masters in Love feat India. A brilliant, albeit elderly, anthem.

6. Waiting in the Weeds by the Eagles. From their last record, which should be their last record, Long Road out of Eden, saved as ever by Don Henley’s wonderful vocal.

7. History Will Be My Judge by Albert Hammond. Albert Hammond, father of the Strokes’ Albert Hammond, made a great album called Revolution of the Heart from which this song came.

8. Bitch I’m Madonna by Madonna feat Nicki Minaj. From her truly great Rebel Heart record. The old girl still has it.

9. Indian Wells Woman by the Association. I adored their 1960s hits like Cherish and Windy. In the 1970s, they made what I believe to their best album Waterbeds in Trinidad. Gorgeous harmonies, second only to the Beach Boys.

10. The Hunt by Grizzly Bear. Always excellent, this is from their Shields album.

That’s all, folks!