What you don’t see on this website is the sheer volume of “spam” it attracts. No matter what I do, I switch on computer every morning and then have to delete almost all of the crap that has arrived under the guise of comment. Some of it is not very nice. How about one of the regular ones I get: “how to rape teen girl”, which is accompanied by a link which, presumably, gives me the instructions on how to do so. I am not trying to make a joke about this because it makes me sick. I would never, ever, click on one of these links but I suppose these sick perverts must come across some people who do.

The “teen girl” theme arrives in different forms, although the premise is always the same and the comments arrive in relation to blogposts that have nothing remotely to do with teen girls. It is a subject that, as a middle aged man, I have absolutely no interest. To be honest, they make me feel equally sick and angry in roughly equal amounts.

For someone who has a reasonable understanding of the internet, there are many areas which, happily, I do not understand. I know nothing of the “dark web” where the most serious perverts can get their kicks, I have no idea what it means to “make indecent images of children”, the description of the activity that gets the likes of Gary Glitter banged up. I suspect this makes me like most people who feel only revulsion at the thought such filth is out there. I am guessing you would really need to know what you are doing on the internet to find it. As I have neither the time nor inclination, I shall leave those who do to it, in the hope that the authorities soon catch up with them, lock them up and throw away the key.

I do not really know about the statistical evidence but on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, I am not sure there are any more deviants and perverts around than there ever were. When I was young, there were “gropers”, “dirty old men” and people were sent away at Her Majesty’s pleasure for varying kinds of perverted activity. With the information superhighway, more possibilities are presented to those with unusual preferences and those who are caught by the authorities are publicised far more.

I wish these people, whoever they are, would stop inviting me to go to their sites which are, for all I know, a way to attract computer viruses or to lead me into the “dark web”. Please stop doing it, whoever you are. As Joe Walsh once put it, “you can’t argue with a sick mind”, so rather than argue with you, I am not interested, leave me alone and go and get the help which you really do need because it’s not normal and it’s not right.