Ever heard of the Atomwaffen Division? Probably not. They’re a neo Nazi organisation from the USA which supports terrorism and that civilisation should be ‘smashed’ in order to build a National Socialist state. Point of information here: that’s what Hitler did in Germany and – guess what? – Atomwaffen adore Hitler. And so does their British offshoot, the Sonnenkrieg Division.

The Sonnenkrieg Division believes that women who date ‘non white’ men should be shot, they glorify the Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer Anders Breivik and believe that Prince Harry should be shot for marrying a woman of mixed race. ‘See ya later race traitor,’ says their poster, which features a picture of Harry with a gun pointing at his head. Do you get the idea, yet?

Of course, this could never happen in our country, could it? After all, it was little Britain that stood up to fascists in World War Two. We were on the frontline against Hitler. We hold our Remembrance services every year, s wonderful, so deeply moving. We will remember them. Unless, that is, we forget?

Sonnenkrieg is a tiny group, so let’s not get carried away just yet, but hang on. Just yesterday, I saw on my Facebook timeline posts shared from fascist groups like Britain First. The day before someone shared a post from the BNP. We are leaving the EU, not perhaps as the direct result of fascist intervention, but many of those involved are of the political far right. On Sunday, the far right activist Stephen Laxley-Lennon is leading a ‘Save Brexit’ march. If we are not endorsing Sonnenkrieg, their less nasty comrades are gaining a lot of traction in our little country.

We need to watch this stuff. It catches up on you. Nigel Farage calculated long ago that casual and dog-whistle racism was an effective tool for garnering support from large numbers of the public who would not normally be regarded as from the far right. Politicians of the far right stir up fear and loathing. Unless we stand up to it, history has shown what happens.

The use of Prince Harry for their posters exposes clearly what these extremists are all about and make no mistake, there are more than a few people out there who questioned Harry’s choice of bride, purely – and I use the word purely quite deliberately – because of her colour.

And in a bitterly divided country, people often seek simple solutions to complex problems. We need to be better than that, but in a world where so many nations are lurching to the far right – and make no mistake, Brexit is our Trump – the door to fascism is slightly open. The far right is a broad church of extremes. But the far right in power is a very small and ugly place.