In writing about the coroner’s verdict today about the terrorist murders in Tunisia back in 2015, I don’t really want to get into matters like people taking civil action against the travel company TUI in respect of alleged neglect. I don’t know exactly what TUI’s warnings were, if there were any at all, but I do know that places like Tunisia can be dangerous. I understand that more young men from Tunisia went to fight for ISIS in Syria, and other middle eastern powder kegs than from any other country. Presumably a good few of them have come back. It was one of the reasons I never went there on holiday.

Then again, I have never been to a single islamic country in my life because of how I feel about islam, the religion. I don’t like the way women and gays are treated, I don’t like the way they kill their animals, I don’t like the fact that hardly of them are democracies. The fact that a good few islamist terrorists live there is not exactly an afterthought, but with regard to the usual “safe” muslim countries, my other reservations come first. After all, Europe is not exactly 100% safe, is it? Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and of course the UK have faced attacks by islamic fascists. Indeed our government warns travellers by way of the Foreign Office website of the dangers anywhere in the world. A weekend in Paris has the potential, tragically, to create as much carnage as a fortnight in Tunisia.

Doubtless lawyers will argue the toss as to whether TUI was responsible in anyway for the bloody attack on Sousse and I will not speculate on the outcome, other than to say that wild horses wouldn’t drag me for a holiday in Tunisia anymore than it would to Aleppo. And I said that long before Seifeddine Rezgui took 39 innocent lives on that fateful day in 2015. I just wish there was a hell for him to go to, but that’s another story.