I will once again show my age by writing about One Direction. It is never a good idea to write about subjects on which you have little or no knowledge, but this has never stopped me before. Anyway, last night One Direction played the last show of their world tour. How do I know that? It’s on the BBC website.

In many ways, there is nothing new about One Direction. They were put together when they were participating as individuals in the X Factor, a programme I avoid like the plague (in the same way I avoid cliches). I know one of the band members by name, Harry Styles, for reasons I don’t quite understand (I think I must have heard the name several times and it’s stuck), although I would not recognise him and have no idea what he looks like. I know there are four members of the band because the fifth member, who may be of Asian heritage, although I can’t be certain, left some time ago. Impressed with my ignorance? I am.

What worried me was the comment that “the boys went through their huge back catalogue during the two hour concert.” Their huge back catalogue? I’m sure they do have a huge back catalogue but I could not name one of their songs, not one. What’s more, I am not interested in researching it. I am in middle age, slowly approaching bus pass time. I suspect that fellow middle aged, approaching bus pass time media mogul Simon Cowell, who put the band together in the first place, does not count One Direction’s output at the top of his listening list. Put simply, a young boy band is probably not the type of music I should be pursuing. People might talk.

We must not get sniffy about this. Bands have always been put together in an artificial way. I grew up with the Monkees back in the…gulp…1960s who had members who had previously been actors and played no instruments at all, but they went on to make some of the best pop music of all time, thanks not least in part to some brilliant songwriting of others and astute management. And then in the modern era, came Take That who had, at the centre, Gary Barlow, a fine songwriter and musician who had the talent to make the project last.

For now, One Direction are taking a break to concentrate on “solo projects”. If they have any real talent, then they will be successful to one degree or another. More likely, I suspect that by the summer of 2016, the comeback will be on and the boys will be blasting through the “huge back catalogue” of songs I don’t know.

Anyway, here is the setlist from the current tour. I’ve cribbed it from setlist.fm so if it’s wrong, oh well.

Kiss You
Girl Almighty
Midnight Memories
Better Than Words
Story of My Life
Stockholm Syndrome
Ready to Run
Don’t Forget Where You Belong
Night Changes
Little Things
Best Song Ever
No Control
Little Black Dress
You & I
Through the Dark
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Little White Lies
Steal My Girl
Act My Age
What Makes You Beautiful
Drag Me Down