One of the many bad things about Jeremy Corbyn’s miserable excuse of a Labour Party is the odious stance against aspiration. Almost everything you hear from the old boy and his comrades smacks of jealousy. Soak the rich, introduce a national maximum wage and a general, deeply ingrained hatred of people who work hard and want to get on. This includes earning higher wages. Everything about old Labour these days is about a race to the bottom.

I have found that our children are our best teachers and, I can proudly and honestly say, I have tried with mine to instil a sense of being the best you can, of ambition and hunger and desire to do better. Without expressing their political views, I know they have major reservations about the political party that should be representing those aspirations, but acts as though it exists to suppress ambition instead.

That there are serious financial challenges in our country goes without saying. The NHS is in crisis, social care is in chaos, schools are facing serious financial shortfalls and a civilised society will need to address this. And to address this, we will need to spend more none and that will mean that those with the deepest pockets contribute the most. Even the Conservative Party agrees with that principle, even if it acts in the opposite way. In other words, they know that working people accept that the rich should be proportionately more than the poor. The Tories get round this awkward problem by lying about what they do but the point is that they lie because most people believe in fairness.

Under Corbyn, Labour is becoming toxic to voters from all social groups. Even in the very poorest groups, Theresa May attracts better support that Corbyn, a fact that would be inexplicable until you actually look objectively at the mess Labour is today. If Labour is not the party of aspiration and a meritocracy, then what’s the point of it? Where is the incentive to vote Labour for someone who leaves university with fees and loans to repay and then hears its leaders condemning people who seek to better themselves?

I am still a member of the Labour Party because that’s where my heart has always been, but it’s becoming more of an “only just” being a member rather than being a member with the slightest level of enthusiasm. If it carries on like this, with Labour disappearing to the outer reaches in politics, we may need a new political party to represent the centre left all the way to the centre ground, to provide high quality world class public services as well as encouraging ambition, entrepreneurship and aspiration. No current political party does that right now. Perhaps the New Democrats (my working title) could be the one?