Did you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are having a baby next year? I thought you might. And did you know they have timed the pregnancy quite deliberately to coincide with the Brexit date in 2019? Of course, you don’t know that because it’s not true. However, there are people out there who believe  that the royal couple have been told to have a baby in order to bury bad news. I know. I have met some of them.

Conspiracy theories are, at the best of times, nuts. Yet people – David Icke springs to mind, but there are many like him – make a lucrative living either believing or pretending to believe that things are not as they seem. Icke believes that the world is controlled by lizards, which if you compare them to Donald Trump you are insulting lizards. It is the process of encouraging people to believe in things that are patently untrue and for which there is no evidence to the contrary.

Look at 9/11. What was a simple act of obscene terrorism by islamic fascists turned into an undercover operation by Mossad. Or that it was ordered by the FBI. Or that it never happened at all and, in fact, nobody died. Why do so many believe this stuff?

Why is it so hard to believe in things that are true? Is it because the answers are often so simple that we are encouraged to believe they have to be more complex? We disbelieve things for which there are mountains of evidence and sympathise with those who suggest, “Well, there must be more to it than that?”

It is like religion. Something happens that we cannot explain, usually a pure coincidence, and we put it down to God. Science, we say, can’t explain something, so it must be God at work, even though we have no explanation as to how God could have done ‘it’ since we have no evidence that God actually exists?

My view is that we should simply believe the truth. The disaster of Brexit is about to damage this country for decades, perhaps generations, to come, Harry and Meghan are about to have a baby. Can we not simply accept that the royals are simply a young couple who have just got married and who have rapidly celebrated their union by procreating?  It is sheer nonsense to suggest it’s a good time to bury a national disaster: it’s just a baby. Can we not simply believe what’s true rather than to speculate what almost certainly isn’t?