David Cameron’s new equality minister, Caroline Dineage, voted against Equal Marriage in the last parliament. How?

That’s a poor attempt at a joke for the youngsters, because Caroline’s father, Fred, was once a minor TV celebrity on a show called “How?” in which a panel of experts explained how things worked. One thing is for sure: Fred did a pretty poor job in educating his daughter on equality. When interviewed in ‘Pink News’ she said: “The state has no right to redefine its meaning of marriage and preventing same-sex couples from being allowed to marry takes nothing away from their relationship,” before giving the game away and falling back on religious reasons, the usual get-out clause for anti-gay bigots.

We have been here before in the Tory party when Nicky Morgan who held the brief before replacing Michael Gove as education secretary. She too opposed equal marriage, more openly on the basis of her religious fanaticism, although she later had a change of heart and now doesn’t oppose it.

Why do politicians hold down jobs for which they are eminently not suitable? No one in their right mind would choose George Galloway to become chair of the Friends of Israel group or encourage Nigel Farage to run as a generously rewarded MEP in a parliament he despises. Oh, wait a minute…

The attitude and voting record of Dineage constitutes nothing other than at best discrimination and at worst homophobia. How else can you describe someone who takes such a prejudicial position against another community? This God character really is beginning to get on my nerves. He’s not tired of sitting by whilst all manner of disasters, man made and natural, carry on taking place around the world, but as soon as someone of the same sex wants the same rights as someone who wants to marry someone who is straight, he gets all uppity about it. He’s either lazy, useless or he doesn’t exist.

I don’t recall bringing up my children to believe there is somehow something wrong with people who love each other and just happen to be of the same sex. These religious people drone on about the institution of marriage, but who wants to be in the kind of institution these people would have us living in?

The likes of Dineage have no business interfering in the lives of people she will never know or understand and unless Fred has finally got round to educating her on the real ways of the world, it looks like Cameron has made one of his most stupid appointments: an equality minister who doesn’t believe in equality.