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Good luck Ant

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I know who Ant McPartlin is. He presents shows on television that I don’t watch, along with a bloke called Dec. McPartlin and his friend Dec are hugely popular and vastly rich. Good luck to them, I say. Right now, McPartlin isn’t very well. Can’t people just leave him alone for a bit?

I do not know addiction myself but I know, and have known, addicts of all kinds of things throughout my life. Some have been damaged, some are dead. From what I can tell – and I know I should not believe everything I read in the papers – McPartlin is addicted to something. I am guessing that his addiction might be alcohol, given that his public humiliation started when he was caught drink driving. I feel for the lad.

No, I don’t condone him, or anyone else, for drink driving. However, the newspaper images of McPartlin did not suggest a man totally in control of his faculties or in the finest of health. His personal life was all over the tabloids and I can imagine it was not attractive reading for him. There was something about the state of his marriage, too, although I made a point of not reading that. I know that media folk say that if people put themselves our in the public limelight, they become public property. It’s not a view I share.

McPartlin has decided to take the rest of the year off in order to aid his recovery. I could easily make a cynical point that he’s highly fortunate that he’s financially able to take the rest of the year off – oh I did: sorry – but actually I don’t blame him. Just because that is not an option for the rest of us who hit difficult times doesn’t mean that we should somehow wish him ill for being wealthier than us.

We should treat him as just another person in crisis and wish him well. It is, perhaps, easier for me to say that since I have rarely seen him at work on telly. It might be easier to me to put him to the back of my mind because he is rarely at the front of it. I have no idea if he is a nice person or a not so nice person. I don’t honestly care. But I do think it would be nice if the gutter press could, just for once, give the guy a little space in which to put his life back together and return to what he is good at.

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