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Going going Gooner

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Going going Gooner

I wonder who is supposed to give a toss about the fate of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger? When I say the fate of Wenger, I refer specifically to whether or not he survives in his job, not whether he lives or dies. The latter would be rather more important. The former is of little interest to me.

Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s zillionaire owner, is absolutely thrilled with the way things are going at the Dubai airline stadium because he is making money and lots of it. Every year, Arsenal qualify for the Champions League by not being champions and they make it to the lucrative last sixteen stage before going out to Bayern Munich. The money just won’t stop pouring in and that, for Arsenal’s owners, is enough. For the fans, it plainly isn’t.

Watching Arsenal’s group of international mercenaries wave the white flag in Germany last night was enough for Gooners to almost block Radio Five Live phone lines calling for Wenger to be axed. “For goodness sake,” they didn’t say, one after another. “We’ve reached the last sixteen of the Champions League, which is more than Spurs managed, we’re still in the FA Cup, we’re two points off second place in the Premier League and joint top scorers. Wenger must go.” Well, actually they did say the last bit, every single one of them. I really felt for them. Except I didn’t.

No one instructs people to watch Arsenal play, or to pay through the nose for the privilege. Perhaps, if they stopped going, Kroenke might get the message that fans are really pissed off, but perhaps they have concluded that as he seldom visits London, he wouldn’t give a toss one way or the other.

It must be terrible to watch your team win almost every single game in which they play in the Premier League. The hopeless failure of hardly ever losing and, every few years, winning the odd FA Cup. Compare struggling Arsenal to virtually every other club in all the leagues and weep. What the hell are they on about?

Many people don’t have a sense of entitlement about their team. They support their club, they want their club to do better and be more successful, but most of them, most of us I should say, look in amazement at Arsenal fans who seem to think they deserve success simply because they think they do.

It was pitiful listening to people today fawning over Wenger. The poor man has been at Arsenal for at least 50 years, he loves the club, lives and breathes it indeed, he deserves better than this. No, he doesn’t. Wenger is paid many millions every year for managing a football club, that’s all. He doesn’t perform advanced brain surgery or care for elderly people with dementia on the minimum wage. He can probably afford to buy his own home if he wants one. This bleating about Wenger is absurd.

When I say I don’t give a toss about Wenger’s future, I probably do because otherwise I would not have written about it. But I care more about the acres of space given over to such trivia when there really are more pressing matters to fret about.

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