The weekend is here at last and literally thousands of Bristol Rovers fans (that’ll be Gasheads to you and I) are preparing for the visit of AFC Telford.

I know that it will be somewhere down the national media pecking order and probably just below Manchester City v Liverpool but it will certainly get the juices flowing in Bristol.

I’ll come back to the game itself later but I read something on social media today that made a change from the usual negative stuff I have been reading about this week.

Last Monday, long term director Geoff Dunford announced he was leaving the board of directors. Geoff has not always been a uniting figure at the football club – far from it – but no one can seriously doubt his deep and unwavering support for the club and the fact that both he and his father saved the club when it was on its knees back in the 1980s.

I am not going to dwell on the disagreements or the areas on which we disagreed (and still do disagree) but many years ago it was proposed by Kevin Spencer, another former director, who is currently banned from the club’s Memorial Stadium for his alleged ‘consistent criticism’, proposed that Geoff’s father Denis, upon leaving the board, be made President of the club.

Sadly, Denis is no longer with us but he remains a towering figure in the history of the football club. The presidency of the club he loved would have been fitting and right.

It is to Kevin’s credit that he has now suggested that Geoff Dunford be made President and a lot of people are coming round to that point of view. I know I certainly am.

Certainly, with the club almost on its knees again, struggling in non league football, the club should be desperate for unity, to set aside the arguments of the past and to move forward together. This is surely a start and it’s a positive way to start the weekend.

On the field, Rovers take on AFC Telford and I see it as a must, should and will win game. Telford refer to Rovers as ‘former League big boys’ which is hurtful enough (though not delivered with any sarcasm, it has to be added) and that’s exactly what we are!

Hopefully, the transition to non league status is over and we can get back to what we should be doing and that’s beating Telford 1-0 in a nail-biting tussle.

Meanwhile, it’s Geoff Dunford for president and I’m serious. Over to you, Nick (Higgs, BRFC Chairman).