Andrea Leadsom must surely be the next leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister and guess who agrees with me? Boris Johnson, the man who led us out of the European Union, that’s who. Leadsom, after all, was a bit part player in the Leave campaign, despite having said as recently as 2013 that leaving the EU would be a disaster. May was as enthusiastic for the EU as Labour’s woeful leader Jeremy Corbyn, but nonetheless she did support Remain. How the hell can she possibly lead Britain’s negotiations for something she doesn’t believe in?

Forget Leadsom’s somewhat limited political experience. It doesn’t matter a stuff. There are no special qualifications to be prime minister, no particular knowledge required because all the tricky stuff is done anyway by civil servants. Granted, Leadsom is out of touch with ordinary people, but she is hardly unique with that. You could say that about a huge number of politicians including, I would suggest, the entire current cabinet and most of Corbyn’s shadow, including himself. If Leadsom can string a few words together and understand the civil service briefing notes, she will soon look like she has been in the job for years.

In my world, I would prefer a pro-EU person to lead the country but that would fly in the face of how Britain voted. That Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage immediately went to ground as soon as the out vote was revealed was truly sickening, but never underestimate the cunning and cynicism of a soundbite politician. The treacherous Michael Gove is out of the picture too, leaving who?

Theresa May is the steady as she goes candidate, the safe pair of hands. Well, I don’t buy that. It is down to the blue rinse brigade in the Tory shires to select our new prime minister and they do not have a habit of choosing the supposedly liberal candidate.

I genuinely believe it should be the ones who took us out of the EU to negotiate our future. It turns out they didn’t have a plan, but it their duty to now come up with one and quickly.

We have two months left of a lame duck prime minister as David Cameron goes through the motions of leaving the country whilst the economy continues to tank. By the time either Leadsom or May are elected, the pound may have achieved parity with the dollar, we may be back in recession. This is the mess Johnson, Farage and Gove have left us in.

It does not feel much like taking back control to me, but I was against us severing ties with Europe and I was on the losing side. We knew the economic earthquake that would strike as soon as we left the EU so no one is surprised so it would be nice if we had a new PM in position and soon. Those who voted for Brexit will want the government to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon treaty yesterday if possible and we all want the government to work hard to limit the damage to the country.

Love her or hate her, it has to be Leadsom because she was on the winning side. And if May could not be bothered to campaign to remain when she supported their campaign, what does that say about her?