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Fast food hell

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A brain fart tonight persuade us to go for a high fat, heart attack dinner at a fast food joint. I do not know what happens to me when, every year or so, I decide that I should deliberately set put to eat something that won’t taste that good, will cost too much money and leave me wishing I hadn’t bothered. But it happened again,

I chose KFC whilst my partner chose Burger King. I stood in a long queue to be greeted by a grim-faced man who informed me that the only chicken they had was wings. I felt like asking what had happened to the rest of the birds – were they still staggering around the slaughterhouse wondering what had happened to their wings? – but instead turned tail and left the establishment to join my partner in Burger King. It couldn’t be any worse, could it? But it was. It was rubbish.

I paid nearly eight quid for a burger that tasted of nothing in a bun that fell apart as I ate it and ‘french fries’ which had all the consistency and taste of cardboard. I felt dirty after I forced down the last mouthful. I was.

Of all the places I could have chosen, it was this godforsaken shithole where quality comes at a low premium. Across the way were the usual chains, such as Chiquito, Bella Italia and Frankie and Benny’s which form a byword for mediocrity with a smile. Whatever happened to real restaurants?

Well, of course there are no real restaurants at Cribbs Causeway. Just generic chains which churn out food that is so bland you would not, if blindfolded, be able to tell what you were eating.

This experience had me pining for the good old days of Wimpy, that’s how bad it was. Next time I pause at Burger King I shall remind myself what a terrible pile of tosh they served me tonight. My poor taste in food got what it deserved tonight.

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