I try to avoid swearing on this website, but the latest news is simply too much. Prince has died. What a bastard year this is becoming.

I first saw Prince on Jonathan King’s Entertainment USA show, around 100 years ago. His appearance was startling, his talent for singing, writing and playing guitar was jaw-dropping. And he wrote some of the best songs of my lifetime. Just look at his back catalogue and tell me otherwise.

Prince was only 57 for goodness sake. It could be argued that he was no longer at the height of his powers, but someone I know who saw him when he was in the UK recently (that’s you, Ben) suggested that he was not exactly in decline. Allow me to make a brief list of some of his great songs:


Little Red Corvette

When Doves Cry

Let’s Go Crazy

Purple Rain

I Would Die 4 U

Raspberry Beret


Sign ‘O’ The Times

U Got The Look

Diamonds And Pearls

Nothing Compares 2 U


There are many, many more.

This is a man who made 39 albums in a 35 year career, four of which were released in the last year or so. As a live artist, he was second to none. The word genius is carelessly bandied about to those of middling talent, but to Prince it is almost an understatement.

I have never known a year like this one for losing stellar world class talent. Every day brings a new heartbreaker, as it did yesterday with Victoria Wood and today with Prince. I don’t want to think too much about this and certainly not name more names because there is sure to be more bad news to come in the near future.

I have discussed before the question of mortality in general and my own in particular. When I was young, I expected to live forever, but now I am older the days pass by quicker and quicker and I have come to terms that I will not live forever.

It is true that the loss of the stars in the world of entertainment world, many of whom we never met, cannot create such raw and lasting emotions as losing a person you were related to or were friends with, but I am not ashamed to say a shed a tear when we lose a talented star especially when, like Prince, they are cut down in their prime.

As ever, it reminds me that there is no time to hesitate, there is no time to put off until tomorrow what you would really love to do today and there may be no time left if you work until you drop. By all means plan for tomorrow and look forward to that distant retirement but for God’s sake don’t forget to enjoy today. Too many great people, in the world of entertainment and in our more down to earth real world, are leaving us far too soon. Who wants to be the wealthiest guy in the crematorium?

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson