Ramiro Funes Mori? Before tonight, you were just another semi-unknown overseas journeyman who nobody knew. After tonight, everyone will know you, not just for being a semi-unknown overseas journeyman, but a dirty semi-unknown overseas journeyman.

When you hear the expression ‘that tackle was a leg-breaker’, it doesn’t always literally mean it was, but Funes Mori’s assault on Divock Origi was almost that, but it turns out it was ‘merely’ a badly sprained ankle. It scarcely matters. He set out to hurt Origi with a bad foul, succeeded and got himself sent off. If that wasn’t bad enough, Everton’s wretched player then launched into some pretty crass badge-kissing.

Call me old fashioned but what a load of old tosh this badge-kissing malarkey is. Funes Mori does not love Everton. He might love his bulging pay packet, but footballers are footballers, not fans. The fans are the ones standing on the terraces, paying to watch, not being paid to play. There is a difference. He did not, I suspect, grow up on the streets of Mendoza in Argentina, just waiting for the day that he could pull on that famous blue shirt at Goodison Park and line up alongside the likes of Robles, Oviedo and Aaron Lennon.

The player will get suspended for his sending off but I hope the FA will check out his antics as he headed for the dressing room. Origi lay in agony, about to be stretchered off and likely to miss the rest of the season and Funes Mori started kissing his badge. Bringing the game into disrepute? Too right. I’d throw the bloody book at him.

Everton look finished, at least under this manager. Roberto Martinez has assembled a side that could be next year’s Aston Villa and they barely tried once they fell a goal behind. If Liverpool had scored 10, it would not have been an unflattering scoreline.

But I am still more than slightly in shock at THAT foul. Much as Liverpool were great and Everton were terrible, my memory is only of one professional player trying to injure a fellow pro. “These things happen in football” said Jamie Carragher and they do, but the badge-kissing was a step too far.