Let’s call out the allegations made by the Labour Party, which accuse leadership favourite Keir Starmer and his team of breaching data protection laws, for what they are: dirty tricks. And we know precisely why this is happening. Starmer is way ahead as the candidate to succeed Jeremy Corbyn and the hard left see their grip on Labour starting to loosen. Given that Starmer was director of public prosecutions, the allegations are nonsensical. However, as veteran crooner Tom Jones might put it, it’s not unusual.

I would be staggered if this blatant attempt to smear Starmer didn’t have at least some connection to the Unite union, controlled by senior Labour fixer Len McCluskey. Unite has history, as witnessed when McCluskey defeated his opponent Gerard Coyne in the general secretary election of 2017. Once the result was declared, Coyne was sacked from his job in Unite. For alleged data protection misuse. Can you see a pattern developing here?

Put very simply, this is how the comrades do business. They spend much of their lives attacking the hated mainstream media but when it suits them, they use the hated mainstream media for their own cynical political ends.

With the hard left continuity Corbyn candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey self-destructing, it is surely obvious that desperation has set in and that there is no depth to which they will not sink to try to inflict more misery on the Labour Party. They cannot be allowed to get away with this.

Finally, how about the timing? Starmer’s mother-in-law is in a critical condition in hospital following a serious fall. The comrades know this full well and they also know that he is not out on the stump as much as he would normally be because of it. Do not, for one moment, doubt that the cynical hard left fixers haven’t factored this in.

If anything, this sorry and sleazy story shows why mainstream socialists and social democrats must take back control of the Labour Party and eject the purveyors of hate and loathing, allowing them to rejoin their crank Trotskyist groups on the wild fringes of politics.