I wonder if, when Aneurin Bevan made his comment about the Conservatives being ‘lower than vermin’, he had a premonition that the current MP for Morley, Andrea Jenkyns, would be the physical embodiment of his words. It’s certainly how I feel about this dreadful woman following her comments about the man was has been convicted of ‘organising to hurt Yvette Cooper’.

Joshua Spencer, a Tory activist, sent a series of messages on social networks that appeared to threaten Ms Cooper’s well-being. He pleaded guilty in court for sending malicious messages to her which included:

  • Paying crack-heads £100 to beat up Yvette Cooper
  • Saying that ‘if you make peaceful revolution difficult you make a violent one inevitable’.
  • Cooper should ‘pay’ for trying to thwart a no deal Brexit
  • Calling her a ‘whore’.

There was much more.

Far from condemning Spencer, Ms Jenkyns described him as ‘a decent and honest person whose heart is always in the right place.’ She didn’t condone what he did – and I should bloody hope not – but, and here we go, it wasn’t his fault. He had been ‘let down by the system’.

Jenkyns went on to explain that Spencer desperately needed help for his mental health problems, including bi-polar disorder and suicidal thoughts. Okay, fair enough. In this, I sympathise and empathise with him. But not with Jenkyns, who, incredibly, wrote a reference in support of Spencer to the court.

Now excuse me, but when Jenkyns blames ‘the system’ for letting this man down, remind me which political party has been in power since 2010, presiding over swingeing cuts to mental health services? And why did she not acknowledge the fact that Yvette Cooper’s office, who knew Spencer very well, had given him ‘considerable’ assistance with his mental health problems when they were ‘concerned for his welfare’? It must have slipped her mind. The answer to all the above is simple: politics, dear boy.

This is not difficult to understand. A man sends highly abusive and threatening messages to a senior female politician. It turns out that he’s a well-known local Tory activist with serious mental health problems, well known to the victim and presumably to the local MP. So, what the hell was Jenkyns doing to help him?

In any event, I worry about the judgement of Jenkyns given her choice of beau, the half-witted MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, Giacomo ‘Jack’ Lopresti. By all means support the poor chap, Spencer not Lopresti, in his suffering, but just think about the epidemic of mental health all across the land, much of which has been caused by your horrible government. This is your fault, too.