What’s the point in having a website if you don’t use it to flog something? Well, here is a brazen attempt to sell something: my first book!

‘Corfu, not a scorcher!’ (see what I did there?) tells the story of a summer island in winter. In early 2015, after having spent decades wondering what Corfu would be like when all the tourists had gone home, I finally took the plunge. Flying to Corfu via Athens – there are no direct flights to Corfu from anywhere else in winter – I booked a hotel in Kanoni, just outside the island’s capital, and toured the island, taking in the sights, meeting some of the locals and British ex pats.

This is not Paul Theroux and it’s not Bill Bryson either. It’s my history of visiting Corfu with the lads, with my partner and latterly with the family but mainly a solo adventure in the depths of winter.

I sort of did have a plan when I got to Corfu one wet Sunday evening, but in a matter of minutes I concluded that it would be better to make things up as I went along. I tried to visit all the major resorts, many of which like rowdy Kavos were ghost towns and some like Arillas were very much alive. Oh, and Corfu Town, which bustled just like it does in summer, perhaps even more so.

The more I saw of Corfu in winter, the more I wondered if the summer island might have something for the winter tourist, whose sole aim is not to lie on a sun bed. There is so much history, so many places of tranquility; more than enough to make a winter break worthwhile. People go to the Czech republic and Latvia in winter, so why not Corfu? A winter break in Corfu would be no good for stag weekends, granted – see Kavos in January and you will know what I mean! – but for just about every other type of holiday it would be perfect.

The Kindle version of my book is available by clicking here and by the end of the week the paperback will be available, also through Amazon.

I hope you enjoy it!