The good news is that our tickets have arrived for Underworld’s gig next year at the Bristol Colston Hall.

The bad news is that I completely cocked up in choosing the seats, meaning that we will be seated at the very back of the balcony. Whoops.

I suppose there is a further element of good news in that I will be further from the stage and so further away from the speakers. Because the last time I sat in the balcony, it was for the Aussie rock band Airbourne who have given me permanent tinnitus in my left ear.

Okay, it’s not just Airbourne’s fault. I’ve been to many shows over the years where the volume was far too great. Back in the 1970s, I saw Jethro Tull and I could barely hear for a week. What was worse was that I was temporarily deafened whilst at the same time not recognising a single song they played. There were plenty of others, mostly loud, some ear-bleedingly so, until Airbourne topped the lot.

Now, I think of them rather a lot, especially when I am lying quietly in bed with a very loud ringing sound echoing round my head. Obviously, you do anticipate losing a bit of your sight and hearing when you get older but tinnitus was not something I reckoned with (despite all the warnings from my mother).

My deteriorating hearing has a bit of the ‘it will never happen to me’ about it, a bit like ‘I’ll never bald’ (why is my forehead getting bigger?), a bit like ‘I’ll live forever’ (well, I’ve made it this far). I worked out that listening to extremely loud rock music might not be the best thing in the long term but when you’re young, you rebel, foolishly as you later find out.

Underworld should be a lot of fun, though. They were the music of the London Olympics opening ceremony and I have never seen an act like them live in concert, not that all of it will be truly ‘live’ music.

I will also be the oldest person present, with the possible exception of Karl Hyde himself (he’s in the band, kids) as opposed to the second youngest as I was for Crosby, Stills and Nash last year. I think I’ll wait for the lights to go down before making my appearance in the hall.