When I made my comment back in July that the British spring and summer had been better than normal, to much ridicule from some I might add, I invited the weather gods to take firm action with me. Since that fateful day, the British summer has returned to normal. So sorry, it’s all my fault. It’s not been as hot and sunny as normal here in Greece either, but I suppose if we had daily temperatures in Britain in the high 20s and low 30s it really would be the best summer ever.

One thing I have brought with me, via easyJet, is the wind. That’s not the unpleasant human-produced stuff, I hasten to add, but the blowy stuff that’s coming across the sea. Before we came out here, Britain had been very windy, as it always is, but this time it’s been windy here too, to the extent that much of Arillas beach has disappeared beneath the rolling, Cornwall type waves. That’s not to say the beach is uninhabitable – it most certainly isn’t – but there is much less of it than usual.

In fact, in praising our own weather last month, prematurely it seems, I can report that this is easily the least fantastic weather we have had out here since I don’t know when. It is even possible to feel pleasantly cool on occasions. As ever, I have brought with me no type of warm weather clothing, not even for the evenings. Experience tells me you just don’t need a cardy, never mind a coat, and that remains the case.

In many ways, the weather is actually better for being a little cooler. Before we came out, people were complaining that it was actually too hot. And it probably was, with shade temperatures in the high 30s. Translated into fahrenheit, that gives a shade temperature of 100. Forget all the wild exaggerations about how hot it gets when you go abroad: 100f is as near to unbearable as it gets, especially when there is barely a breath of wind. It is not quite Death Valley, but seriously, unpleasantly, stiflingly hot.

We have a car tomorrow and the day after, to explore places we have explored many times before. We will drive to Kanoni to watch the planes take off and land, we shall visit Taverna Nikolas in Agni for dinner. The boys will have a day at Aqualand, the excellent water park, we hope to visit some friends too. And then, the clock winds down to the return flight at an alarming rate of knots.

One thing I love about the Corfu summer is the blue. The blue sea, the blue skies. Lots of different shades too, depending on how the wind blows and the time of day. But always blue. And apart from politics, it’s still the best colour of them all.